RPG Game (Name TBA)

Project Title: An RPG game. We have yet to decide the name, and whoever is interested in helping will have a say in it.

Description: This game’s main feature will be procedurally generated dungeons, containing a set of unique enemies and loot to ensure no two dungeons are quite alike. We will also have scripted dungeons, fitting in with story and side quests.

Main Features:

  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons
  • Randomly Generated items based on the level of encounter
  • Side quests
  • Possibly a Co-Op mode

Team Name: We are not an established company.

Team Structure:
Nick (Me) - Coding and team leader/organizer
Kayden - 3D models and texture assets
Louis and Andy - 2D art (ie. for menus and icons)
Thomas - 3D models
Mike and Mike - Story

Talent Needed:
1 Blueprint Coder

  • Should have a decent understanding of the UE4 Blueprint system
  • Bonus if you have experience creating RPG-like mechanics
  • Expected to help with code and creation of core mechanics whenever possible.

2-3 3D Artists/Character Artists

  • Should have access to a 3D design program (Wings3D, Maya, 3DS, Inventor, etc.)
  • Should have some examples of your work
  • Expected to create quality models and/or characters (both human and not) for the game.

1-2 Animators

  • Should be able to create custom animations for characters and monsters
  • Should have access to a 3D animation software (Blender, Maya, etc.)
  • Expected to collaborate with those who create the models to make animations that look and flow good

Website: We currently do not have one.

Contact Info:
PM on this forum

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to have you with us.

Hi Kufan,

I’ve been developing this solo. Let’s chat.