RPG Framework [WIP]

At the start of this summer (2015) i had course where we could chose to make anything that we potential could make money out of so i am gonna submit this to the marketplace when i think its finish and polish for a small fee. I also needed this my self and i think most of the items in the store is overprice so i am gonna sell it for about 10€, this low price is not only because i think its right but also that i wanna give something back to the fine community that has help me made it.
To day the course has ended and i am finally doing this post that i have postponed for a while, i guess i have creative curse. I still think its not enough for it be used but i need your feedback what i can do better or what i need.


  • 100% Blueprints
  • Almost clean, easy readable blueprints (Cant do it any better)
  • Modular


  • Spell System
  • Stats System
  • Effect System [Stats]*
  • Item System [Stats]*
  • Inventory System [Item]*
  • Crafting System [Item]*
  • Vendor System [Item]*
  • Consuming System [Item]*
  • Equipment System [Item]*
  • Function Library
  • Skill Tree
  • Mini/World map

*Requirement for it to work


  • Quest System
  • AI
  • Documentation
  • Weight limit in Inventory System
  • Grid System for Inventory System

Function Library
Get Cooldown
Check if ID from target spell is on target actor and return the % and time left

Inverse Stats
Reverse the given stats from + to - and - to +

Modify Stats
Merge two stats in to one and return the new stats

Random Stats
Random stats between A and B, returns the new stats

Switch Stats
Switch stats from old to new on target actor, fails if actor do not have stats

Single Random Stats
Picks a random stats add [Amount] to it and return the stats

Stats Text
Return all stats in text from target actor, fails if actor do not have stats

Player Stats Tex
Return all stats variables from target actor (ex. Level, Max Life) in text from target actor, fails if actor do not have stats

Random Item
Randomize an item based on the inputs item level, actor and stats curve. Returns a new item

Description Text
Input an item and return a string with all the description information

Add to Inventory
Add target item to an given inventory if no inventory is given, its add it to the players inventory

Drop Item
Drops target item on the ground

Learn Crafting
Add given crafting recipe to target actor

Know Crafting
Check if the given recipe is already added, returns a Boolean

New Line
Input a string to add a new line and then its get returned

Poping Text
Pop Text
Inputs text (to show), time (to live), color (color of the text), coordinates (where its starts), falling speed (direction and speed its moving), its shows an floating text

Center Text Floating
Output center and a random fall direction (left and right) and makes it goes up, i use this as a defaults

Save Game
Saves the game with the given input

Load Game
Load the game with the given input

HOW do I download this magnificent blueprint system.