RPG Framework - Free Bethsoft Style RPG Project [Update 4/16/2020]

RPG Framework
This project is my attempt to build a Blueprints based framework for creating Open World Immersive Sim FPP RPG games.

April 2020 Update/Release:
This version of the RPG Framework comes after quite a bit of downtime and I’m actually uncertain as to what all has changed between this version and the last release. The biggest change is a working save and load system and level persistence. With that hurdle leapt I feel safe in moving on toward improving and expanding on NPC/Enemy AI behavior. As with previous versions I’m releasing these project files completely free and encourage their use for whatever purposes. Continue to expand the system into a game of your own or just dig through the files as a learning tool (I can’t guarantee I’m doing everything the best way however!) It’s up to you.
RPG Framework - April 2020 Release - YouTube
Going forward, I will be using Github to manage and distribute this project.
Github Link: GitHub - Amstrad00/RPGFramework: A Framework for creating Open World Immersive Sim FPP RPG games.

Jun 2018 Release:
This is the RPG Framework with updated progress as of June of 2018.
Major updates include a revised conversation system with hooks for quests as well as a journal for tracking quests. Additional added features are a compass and map with a player placeable map marker.
See the previous release for a more complete list of features.

Project files: https://gum.co/twqfZ[/SPOILER]
Jan 2018 Release:
This release represents the sum of my work on this project over the previous year. There have been a number of additional features added and it has expanded beyond the basic inventory system that was originally released, I’m releasing these project files completely free and encourage their use for whatever purposes. Continue to expand the system into a game of your own or just dig through the files as a learning tool. It’s up to you.

Project files: https://gum.co/IkUJR[/SPOILER]
As I continue to develop this project I’m always interested in hearing ideas on what to add or change so feel free to give me some feedback on this.

This is awesome.

Thank you for making this free for the community.

That is pretty awesome of you! Thank you so much.

What is on your roadmap for the next updates?

Right now I’m working on a journal for keeping track of quests/missions and their objectives. After that I’ll likely get a larger test map built out and implement a map, compass and objective markers.

Great to hear! Can’t wait to see your updates!!

Nice job on this. Thanks for doing it.

Hi Amstrad! How’s the project going? I’m super impressed by this :slight_smile:

WOW Thanks

If need some small models like food or something write me .Will be proud do something for this project.

Good job man! Great video! :slight_smile:

The continued downloads Gumroad keeps telling me about are a reassuring sign that there’s more than a few people interested in this project. I hope everyone who’s taken the time to download it so far have found it in someway useful. As I mentioned in my last comment I’m still working on expanding this, I just havn’t had as much time to focus on it as I might like. Currently I’ve reworked the dialogue system to something a bit more flexible and have a journal/quest screen in place along with the ability to dole out awards for quest completion. I’ve also caught a few bugs I missed in the January release (specifically dealing with how large XP gains were being handled). Overall however I’m holding off on kicking out a new release until I’ve gotten a more substantial number of additional features added in.

Ok its nice yes but everyones greatest flaw is in the details.

Can you actually save all these stats, locations, arrays, quests?
Can you travel locations forth and back?

These are the 2 most essential details about every bethesda game, the travelling and the progress.

I actually really enjoy your clone here, but can you tell me what game you are mimicing?
I advise you to not go for skyrim anymore as its gamedesign is flawed on almost every part.
And fallouts system is way to special and connected with its theme. Your choice tbh, clone fallout if you wish.

Oblivion is always my first inspiration as i think its generic enough in the core to be understood and cloned.

Youre great! And keep up the documentation and order in your code.

A save system isn’t in place yet no. I may bump that up in my to-do list but I’m not terribly sure it’s needed just yet.
As for traveling, again that’s something that needs to be tackled after a few other pieces are in place.

I’m not trying to clone any specific Bethsoft game. I just enjoy their particular take on the RPG formula and I’m more or less piecing various bits together as I like or am able to.
Truthfully I’m probably leaning more toward a system that can handle a modern or sci-fi setting than I am a fantasy one, but adapting it to fantasy wouldn’t be too difficult.

Here are more tips, because i did this also alot and hope youre coming better along then me…

  • Dont bother with lipsync. In 4.19 there is a full solution to this

  • Pls dont start with world composition, using big levels with good lod is a much better way and big devs will evtl create their own system

  • if youre having trouble with melee fighting (you prolly have due to animations) you could always cut mixamos arms up.

  • when you do NPC Ai like in fallout: Do a bool for humans, if not true then it does everything else, if true then you can have it activate the head and use the same skeleton over and over again

  • If you really must do a minimap: You can abuse the coordinatos from world objects, clamp them into screen pixels and then just have extra dynamic UMGs as markers. The entire map for me is one massive widget. Make sure its all local and not full screensized. Better if you change the design.

  • You should use datatables for AI, have a single AI class and then let it read a table row to fill its behavior etc. You can skip visuals and stats into two tables thats totally ok.

  • every level should have a god actor. The godactor knows any AI, items, doors - declares what theme the level has, if weather.

  • I have a datable for destinations, you cannot read levels before opening them, so i created a table where i have the level ID and the travel name at once. I just then assign that row to any door, store its door ID inside GAME INSTANCE (Wich you need to setextra in project properties)

  • for AI movement use invokers instead of static generation, static will build the entire level. Invokers will restrain that process around itselfs (AI) and it generates AT RUNTIME so it can navigate around other ai and closed doors.

  • you need the save system now. Believe me when i say saving map instances single is hard and confusing. This system needs to be the most stable so you cant start early enough on this one. Its the toughest one by far, i still am not safe in its entirety, its really complex. Datatables will save you here!

So here’s a sample of what I’m working on right now:

I shared that earlier in the Unreal Slackers Discord and someone was asking how I did it. A more complete version with objective markers will be in the next release of the project, but if you want to set up a similar compass right now I’ve put together a quick tutorial here: UE4 Tutorial - Horizontal Compass - Album on Imgur


I’ve just made the most current version of this project available for download. See the original post for more information.

Good work. Do you plan to keep working on the project?

Bump for an update on progress.

Hey, this system looks cool. I like it. Is there any other update than Jun 2018? I went to your patreon web, but it seems there is nothing yet?

Hey guys, sorry for not having more to update everyone with right now but finding time to work on this has been a little tough. When I do have the time to work on it the number one item on my roadmap is a basic saved game and persistence system. This will allow the player to move between maps and maintain inventory/stats/etc as well as saving changes the player made to the level (position of props, contents of containers). As for my Patreon, I’ve dropped that completely as it wasn’t being supported, so this continues to be a labor of love rather than anything anyone is paying me to do.