RPG Framework - Free Basic Inventory

RPG Framework
There are a few very pricey RPG systems available for UE4, my goal is to create a full fledged RPG Framework that will allow budget minded creators to pursue their own RPG dream projects.

Jan 2018 Release
This release represents the sum of my work on this project over the previous year. There have been a number of additional features added and it has expanded beyond the basic inventory system that was originally released, I’m releasing these project files completely free and encourage their use for whatever purposes. Continue to expand the system into a game of your own or just dig through the files as a learning tool. It’s up to you.

Previous releases:
[SPOILER]Basic Inventory
Currently available is a Basic Inventory system that I am freely distributing.


Future Development
I will be continuing to expand the feature set from here and I’m very interested on hearing ideas on what features I might add.
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Nice start, Jotham! Keep up the good work! I’m sure you’ll figure out the kinks as you go.