RPG Fantasy Character Pack?

Hi there,

Here is a model I’m thinking of bringing into the Market place, would anyone be interested in this model?





How much would willing to pay?


Would I want it? Do alcoholics love to drink? Of course people would want it. I, however, am quite broke, so unless it was like $5 (and I think it is worth more than that) I wouldn’t really be looking to buy it. However, definately bring it to the market (when it comes)

Really nice character, congrats! Kind of has a steampunk/final fantasy vibe…

Hello DigitalShock,

Very Nice. Yes. I would be interested purchasing for a reasonable price (~30 USD) and I’m sure 1000s of others would be too, if the Pack included Interchangeable Parts for the Garments, Armor, and Accessories? If the Pack does not, I would urge you to consider this approach with content specifically for the Market Place.

My reasoning is simple: Models sold to the masses presents a dilemma, everyone using the same model in their game. I strongly desire customizable characters or means to accessorize them to make them unique, so my games stands out. A solution to this dilemma could be what many MMORPGs implement to provide millions of Players distinct Characters: *Modularity *and Customization.

I’ve been searching for a Online Marketplace that specialized in interchangeable parts for all types of Game Entities: Character Head/Body, Vehicle/Machines, Melee Weapons, Projectile Weapons, Architecture, Structures, Furniture, Plants, Hybrids, and whatever.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find one. Mass Customization is the wave of the future. Perhaps you can be the First-to-market to pioneer this approach in the UE4 Market Place.

Keep up the awesome work!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late reply! been busy with contract work. However we are still considering launching this character at a reasonable price range as it will be sold to the masses, we are aware of that.

One thing we would consider offering at the start would be an option for us to modify it to your liking at additional cost to the model. However the interchangeable part does sound like a good idea, and if we get good reviews for our first model, we would definitely consider doing more expandable option for customization.