RPG Classes Tree

hi i need help for creating a system classes,

you begin with noob player when you achieved the level 10 you can chose different classe like warrior mage… and again when you achieve the level 10 to upgrade again with few new classes and for each new classes upgrade they have new skill and can use the old skill

in dev in unreal engines if possible to make like blueprint?

any help whe be greateful!

In unreal ebgine BPs is possible almost everything. This is possible too and its easy.
What do you need help? Because no one here will make full system for you…

Unlocking abilities is only simple math and some boolean branches…
Level + level… level 10? Set bool tree1unlock to true… and select ability.

my problem is when i switch classes like a popup appear and choose which one you want and restart the level player

and when i start the game choose my classes

what i need is what blueprint to use and how to make a popup class when achieve lvl 10 im beginner programmer sorry :frowning: