RPC Call Not Working (Client - Server)

Hello, in my game i have it where if another person on the server kills a zombie, it shows a death animation, and it also makes it stop following the player. I used RPC calls to make this happen for both clients and servers but, for some reason it doesn’t fully work. When I kill the zombie on client it still shows zombie alive on server, etc. Replication is simply not working I really don’t know why. Here are some screenshots with details:alt text

Ok, so I haven’t fixed the problem completely but I at least got the client to play the death animation for the zombie but for some reason it doesn’t set the (IsAlive) variable to the server… which makes it keep following the player… please someone help. I’ve been trying to fix this for days.

Shouldn’t IsAlive be 'Set w/ Notify? Also, GameMode only exists on the server so the cast should be failing. Can you check with a PrintStirng?

I’m dealing with my own replication troubles, so I don’t know how much help I’ll be.

Edit: Wow, Just realized it is 2018 not 2017.

Edit 2: RepNotify gives ‘w/ notify’

Where is your “client” function called? Since it has “Run on Server”, it has to be called on authority.