[ROYALTY/UNPAID] Looking to assemble a team for JMAA Games

Project Title:

A sequel to Johann Weiss, and an FPS that is a modern take on Build Engine games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and Shadow Warrior. It is to Johann Weiss what Duke Nukem 3D is to Duke Nukem 2, a complete jump into 3D, so to speak.

Should feature:

  • Cel-shaded cartoon graphics
  • Play as either Johann or Joanna Weiss
  • Four playable episodes, including the possibility of a hub between them.
  • Possibly a multiplayer game mode completely separate from the main game

Team Name:
JMAA Games

Team Structure**:**
Juan Manuel “JMAA” Arroyo Alcón - Game Designer

Previous Work:

(Both these have been made with a different engine, Construct 3. I have made my work on UE4 too, but they’re mostly following off tutorials and getting a hold on the UE4 engine)

Talent Required:
3D Character artists and UE4 designers

  • Ideal if aligned ideologically or respectful of ideologies (don’t want any so-called “fash-bashers” try to do 180 on me because of my past Internet history, sorry)

  • It helps if you’re the kind of person who browses 4chan/8chan/9chan/etc on a regular basis or if you’re some sort of /pol/ denizen.

  • With a prior portfolio with prior experience in the field (must be good-looking for the kind of aesthetic I’m looking for)

  • Must be able to recreate this artistic style (especially for 3D character artists):


E-mail: juanmtheripper [at] gmail [dot] com
Discord: Johann Weisserberg#3846

Additionally, join up the JMAA Discord: (just say you’re coming from this thread)

I’m saying this is either unpaid or by royalties because I still have to yet release Johann Weiss to the public and see how much I earn from it. Depending on the earnings, I might see if I can pay off with sales royalties from that game or not. I’m still assembling a team to get ready for future projects.