ROYALTY/UNPAID - Looking for a Level Designer and 3D Modeller.


Information about our game:
Pandora is an adventure hack and slash style genre. The player travels the Mythological world of Gaia which houses the Greek gods in a different style.

A box is given to Pandora for which she was to collect from Nysa Desert. Pandora, the main character, comes to realise the box is to be opened with a key that hangs around her neck. Pandora obtained the key for the box from a mysterious person in the market for her late birthday. Upon opening the box, millions of demons spill out. Each one representing a something more awful than the last.

The sky darkens and the lands begin to change. Gaia is changed to Limbus state, a wasteland of cruel insanity. The player comes across many villages and small towns within the world each flared by demons who have turned the locations in viscous and terrible places.

Pandora must restore Hope to each town and village, and cast magic to bring back the Gods to protect the locations. Each village has a different set of requirements to turn the village/towns from Limbus state back to normal. Between each village, there are vast lands with dark creatures summoned by the demons. Pandora starts her journey looking for answers on how to return her world back to normal. Her first clue: Hope is missing from Pandora’s Box.

The quest? Find Hope.*

Our Deviant art page with concepts.

Mythical creatures.
Wide Range of culture influnces in the towns.
Third person view point.
Exciting weapon designs

What we are doing in the demo.

Making a small village with a introduction to the game.
The start of Pandora’s story.
Tutorial system
Combat system

Why a demo you ask?
We want to go into full production into this game, but understand the amount fo money that comes with it. With ambition, you must have funding. So we plan on creating a brilliant and flawless demo so show off to publishers and/or investors to gain funding. We understand that some people on the project are only here for portfolio work, to learn new skills and we understand this. But those that want to stay and help bring this project to life, we want to go the full way and go into development once we have the right amount of funding. We have already joined the xbox live programme ,ID@xbox, and they are currently waiting for a demo so they can approve and see how far they are willing to go with us. We will be attending networking events to show off the game to hopeful future investors. This isn’t just a dream, were going to make it into a reality!

Talent Required:

Level Designer

(If you think you can add to our game in any other way, send us your work!! )

Of course, if you are interested I can send you more details about the project. We currently have around 10 people working on it and they all work on it in their free time. 3D models are being made, UI is being designed by a designer and there is a GDD to work from which is being constantly updated.
We are all very friendly as well!

Bit of Gameplay

This thread has images of artwork

If you are intrested:

Skype: nareice.jade.wint

I prefer Skype, easier to get a conversation going and I can link docs, information and pictures .

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Deleted the other threads. I have people on the team but just need more. :slight_smile:

Got any advice on what you think I’m doing wrong? Would appreciate advice.

First: the right way to post here is to stick the original project thread.
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Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

… Game development is not something that you just learn and it clicks. Some people it takes a long time. But you have no right to be so discouraging to someone who is making an effort to reach a dream they have. This forum is meant to be the frontend for a community of support and growth that allows people to achieve, and yes some people are more naturally gifted than others (not saying the OP isn’t)… but that doesn’t mean that those others aren’t entitled to ask for help and try to succeed.

I really like the concept art so far.

Thank you very much. Those are really kind words!

We actually have made some progress with gameplay and the environment. I’m not sharing at the moment because I want it to be top notch before sharing! :slight_smile:

Hopfully by next week we’ll be in a stage to share more on this post. I’ll keep it to one thread now! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I’ve got a talented bunch of people working with me so far. Some of them have even improved whilst on the project! It’s been real fun so far. :slight_smile:

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Still looking for a level designer. Also updating the description.