{Royalty/Unpaid} Infinite Chaos: Phoenix

Infinite Chaos: Phoenix

Description: Los Angeles and various other multiple cities as well as surrounding areas; The year is 2034, political turmoil has set a cease to the United States, as the government fell after citizen unrest and violence, 3 differing factions took arms together, and against one another.

Game Type:
-First Person Shooter
-Story Centred
-Cut Scenes After Progression, Ending To Story Based On Multiplayer Performance.

Team: Slade Studios

**Talent Required:

3D Artist/Character Artist (1-3)**
-Experience with UE4/Blender.
-Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use map/vehicles.
-Can create semi futuristic Cities.

Example: 636449694180112047-timthumb-1-1-BBCDAJJ5-L701407361.JPG

Model Designer (1-2)
-Can Create Guns/Armor Suits
-Can Create Custom Assets


**UI Artist (1-2) **
-Can Create Map
-Can create Ammo Count in bottom corner.
-Can create menus(Home Menu, Pause Menu, Gun Selection Menu

Composer (1)
-Can Create Sound Effects (Machine Gun, Explosions, Radio Chatter)
-Can Create Vehicle Sound Effects (Wind Blowing In A Helicopter, Cars, Train, etc.)

Voice Actor(4-5)
-(Preferably To Be Able To Do Multiple Characters)
-Should be a Serious Adult Voice.

Should Be Up Within A Week.

Royalty Pay Depending On How Many Employed.

For further details, please contact me at [EMAIL=“”] or Comment below, with examples of with an example of what you can do, and/or if you have any experience.