[ROYALTY] Unity (or else ) programmer Needed for Revive an 2D action platformer !

My name is Hermann Kayode and i’m a 2d artist from africa
By 2014 i started working on a video game project wich was unfortunetly canned, In this project i was doing all the visuals of the game
I kept all of those after cancelation instead of deleting them all for that failure
By 2016 another coder helped a bit and took on his free time to build a quick demo but with a strong basis coding in UNITY
I have the Unity project still and would love to revive this project and make it as a full cool game (not ambitious but cool one )

I dont have a budget to pay the coder wich will take over every month so instead i’m asking for a royalty deal
60 for me and 40 for the coder, I can lower my part to 50 if the coder is effective and make it happen quick and well.

So therefore after viewing my visuals and animation there (more will come if you contact me and agree ) i’d love to have a coder wich is well versed in Unity , fast and motivated to do it.
Love 2d actionplatformer games (ala symphonia of the night for example or megaman games )
I’d love also a profil wich is not afraid to correct and fix his work, i’ll try to let you do as much you want but sometimes i can ask for a change so be readyfor those
I dont mind a coder using market kits to get faster, just dont use illegal stuff please.

**To sum up quickly :

Project Title**: Golden Guard Era

Project is 2d adventure (with dynamic camera zooms etc )
Project needs Coder in Unity to pick up where it stopped or using else (I’ll ask to be involved in the code project so i can see a bit how it goes )
Project have all backgrounds and all levels done, ALmost all ennemies (Only 1 boss is up without animations )
Project have Hero done and with many animations done
Project have many ground sprites for the game done

I can show all of those art and work progressively if you jump in with me
You can see them and hate them : it’s ok, if you bail out please just tell me, you can bail at any time
I’ll just ask if you bail to keep the main unity project work done so i can advance with another coder.

I’ll also ask if we go through and start selling on steam to have access to the steamworks page so basically having access to the sales number by myself

My dropbox would be the one to have to work with, i’ll put the unity project there and we gonna work with it
My dropbox is limited to 2.75gb and the project is 2.2 gb already
If we got more, i’ll let you have it and we gonna find another way

If you have any questions or feel strange about this, just ask

If you accept also, you’ll be in touch with Chris wich is the previous coder of the game

He made this by 2016…ree%20demo.rar

It’s a small demo with barely background put in, it’s total free to play and very very simple but it’s a lot of work already
You can play the hero and already having access to some combos

You can destroy some boxes, try to find out them and get all the orbes there (they are 6 )
How to play ? Before goin in, check Input Tab first.
Tell me if you can access the files

If any interested contact me at :

Example of art done in the years by me :

Mockup of beginning of the game before jumping into the cavern for the real action !