[ROYALTY] Unique online multiplayer FPS. "I'm putting together a team"

Project Title:
Currently Untitled

First Person gameplay: UE4 Multiplayer FPS Game PROGRESS (90% Blueprints) - YouTube

More of 3rd person Ninja character: UE4: 3rd person Ninja concept character - YouTube

This will be an online MP FPS. The best I can say is that some gun and FPS mechanics are inspired by Call of Duty.

The base FPS character will be a very dynamic, high-flying, character, with a 1st AND 2nd level sprint, MW2 style knifing, and the ability to use
action-packed weapons that are rarely, if not ever seen in an online FPS.

The weapons and guns will be a combination of conventional, and completely out-of-the-box. Ranging from your basic AR to Meteor ball launchers and guns with actual charge meters
and abilities.

On top of this, there will be a wide selection of “Killstreaks” that players can choose from (the first example can be seen in the video). Some of these killstreaks include actual
playable characters that will drop into the game (e.g. the Ninja shown) all of them having high-octane abilities that will really bring the action and battlefield of this game to life.

The maps will continue to follow the dynamic philosophy of the game, with unconventional design concepts. Such as teleporting, speed boosting, multiple areas, and literal dynamic, moving props and pieces (as seen in Oasis map). All with the intention of separating these maps from the traditional FPS map.

Will include the classic FPS game modes such as TDM, CTF, Domination, KOTH, etc, and possibly new ones that will be thought up by me or the team.
10v10 + ground war style matches

The intention is to have an almost sensory overload experience for the player. A chaotic battlefield where almost anything is possible, and where the player doesn’t feel like
they are limited on what they can do.

THE GAME IS CURRENTLY PLAYABLE via a server hosted from my computer. I’ve already had a few small, successful test matches with friends.

As of now, the plan is to make this game the FTP/Microtransactions model. It’s a tried and true method, especially for indie/low budget ONLINE games (see Path of Exile).

About Myself:
I started UE in August of 2018. This is the first game I’ve worked on, and everything I’ve done in this game has actually been the source of me learning the engine itself.
That might sound like a reason to doubt this project, but I can tell you as someone who’s been playing FPS’ since 2005, the playability and feel of this game has shocked me now that it’s technically playable.

I would say I’m an Advanced blueprint user at this point, as well as an adept, solid C++ programmer.
All of the animations on the Ninja character were done by me in Blender, so a capable animator as well.

I never wanted to be the “I have really good ideas” guy, so I went out on my own and learned the engine to be able to show my ideas rather than pontificate about them.

Talent Required:

  • Gameplay mechanics programmer with strong knowledge of Networking (C++ is not required but if you don’t know it you need to be very good in Blueprints)
  • Networking UI Programmer (C++ definitely not required)
  • An Imaginative character animator, that is capable of animations AT LEAST as good as what the Ninja character has or this sprint animation:
  • Weapon/Gun animator that can handle anims and anim BP’s in UE4

So if you haven’t already figured it out; I’m basically doing this project out of my basement and for that reason, I naturally cannot offer anyone $40 an hour over the course of the next 400+ hours. The best I can do is offer you a % of the game’s profits after release. While I would LOVE to have people on the project that have worked on AAA projects with 5 years experience, and that are better than me at the engine, that’s not the point of this project. This is an opportunity for a few others like me with real drive and passion to break into the industry with authority, and an undeniable bang.

BUT if you are that 5 year + industry guy and you’re interested in this project, I will not only take you, we can possibly discuss a co-directing/managing position on the entire project :slight_smile:

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Hello @Plzwork1234,

We have several design goals in common in aiming to developing a unique FPS. “Cyber Ninja with Guns” is the idea behind the ExORION Soldier. No Swords or Knives, but bladed attachments (bayonets) for the Pulse Rifle with unique melee attack animations. I have to warn that somersaults in First Person are extremely nauseating which is why I’m supporting on-demand First/Third Person transitions. The military aspects for the ExORION Soldier are also inspired from playing C.O.D. particularly, my implementation of the Grenade.

From the Game Modes listed, this appears to be ‘multiplayer’ only. Any AI Planned?


Well when i was originally programming the skeleton of the game I had an A.I. based TDM with very basic (and crappy) AI to test everything against. But I did not plan on having any sort of campaign or story mode for now.

I would encourage adding AI/Bots back or any other Game Mechanics that support single play. A story mode or campaign is not required. Bots can fit perfectly in TDM, CTF, Domination, KOTH gamemodes. You could even create Obstacles and Dumb / Stationary Attackers (Turrets) for Puzzle and Race gamemodes.

MP Only is extremely high risk due the requirement of a “player population”. Without a player population the game is non playable. The population needs to be stable at launch otherwise, If players login to inactive servers, the game is considered dead. They leave behind negative reviews due to the lack of players, never to return. Player Population is also impacted by other MP Only Games, all competing for player attention and retention to keep the game/servers from dying.

I do agree with the FTP/Microtransactions model. I’m implementing multiple Microtransaction models in ExORION with emphasis on Player Character Customization and Crafting. I desire more modular granularity with customization to provide more creative expression, thus all entities in ExORION are customizable. Developing the in-game Construction/Customization and in-App Purchasing Subsystems are the areas I elected to work on firstly. I built an entire online marketplace and API to support it.

Nice. Seems like you got a hell of a game going there. You’re very correct about no players = dead game. It’s kind of a problem that loops in on itself. I’ll consider what you said and look into ways to prop it up on launch. Thanks for the advice.