[Royalty] Unique Fantasy RPG seeks Dedicated Programmer

Hi Unreal Community,

I’m creating and developing a unique Single Player Fantasy 3rd Person RPG with Unreal Engine. I’m a 3D Artist with about 5 years Industry Experience, and I’m doing all the 3D Art and Level Design in a simple, stylised, but beautiful art aesthetic. The game has a streamlined, but simple core game design.

But as a 3D Artist and Level Designer, I have only the most basic programming skills. So I’m looking for a dedicated Unreal Engine Programmer partner to collaborate with me on this game project.

What I am looking for in a Programmer:

  • 2+ Years working with Unreal Engine.
  • Excellent working skills with C++ and Unreal Engine Blueprints.
  • Good understanding of Animation Programing - Anim Blueprints / State Machines etc.
  • Able to create Gameplay Systems such as Melee Combat System, Inventory System, Character Prograession System. Enemy A.I.
  • Able to work with already existing Gameplay Code from Marketplace Packs such as Advanced Locomotion System V5.
  • Working experience with Source Control.
  • Able to Commit 20+ Hours per week to working on the game.
  • Microphone for Voice Communication.
  • Friendly, pro-active and determined approach to Game Dev.

So I’m really looking for an experienced and skilled Unreal Programmer to match my experience with the Unreal Engine Art Pipeline, in order to collaborate together to make an outstanding Indie Game.

What can I offer you? The opportunity to work with me, a highly experienced and motivated 3D Artist / Level Designer with 5+ years experience with Unreal, on a cool, beautiful and original fantasy RPG. A fair share in the success of the project - revenue earned from the Project will be allocated based on the amount of work done by each team mate.

I’d love to show and tell you more about the project. But can only share project details with appropriate candidates.

So if you’re a skilled and self-motivated Programmer who’d like to work on an exciting new project, get in touch.

Message me on Discord for a Chat. Username: DyotoOrion#1090
Email me at:
Or message me here on the Unreal Forums.

Thank you for your interest!

Email sent


Once again looking for a Skilled / Dedicated Programmer with a passion for Fantasy RPG.

If that’s you, please do get in touch! :slight_smile:

Currently looking for an additional Programmer to help with the Code on the game. Please feel free to get in touch. Thanks! :slight_smile: