[Royalty] Unique Fantasy RPG Seeks 3D Artist and/or Level Designer

Hi Unreal Community,

I’m creating and developing a unique Single Player Fantasy 3rd Person RPG with Unreal Engine. I’m a 3D Artist with about 5 years Industry Experience, and I’m doing most of the 3D Art and Level Design in a simple, stylised, but beautiful art aesthetic. The game has a streamlined, but simple core game design.

I’m looking for a passionate Junior / Intermediate 3D Artist and / or Level Designer with a passion for Fantasy RPGs and a Low Poly, stylised art style to help out working on the game.

What we are looking for in a 3D Artist / Level Designer:

  • Ideally 6+ months experience working with Unreal Engine. 3D Artists / Level Designers with less experience in Unreal may still be considered.
  • Good 3D Modelling skills in Blender, Maya, 3DSMax etc.
  • Basic Understanding of Unreal Engine Materials and Material Instancing.
  • Good working skills with Unreal Engine Level Design - placing assets in 3D, Grid Snapping etc.
  • Working knowledge of Unreal Landscape Editor.
  • Passion for Fantasy Art and Design.
  • Passion for Low Poly / Stylised Games and Art Design.

What we’re really looking for is a motivated and dedicated Low Poly 3D Artist and / or Level Designer who is passionate about working on a fun and stylised fantasy game.

What we can offer you? An opportunity to build your career and 3D Art / Level Design skills with a professional Indie team. Additionally you will be offered Revenue Share from sales of the game.

I’d love to show and tell you more about the project. But can only share project details with appropriate candidates.

So if you’re a talented Low Poly 3D Artist And / Or Level Designer and you’d like to work with a dedicated Indie Team, please get in touch.

Message me on Discord for a Chat. Username:
Email me at:
Or message me here on the Unreal Forums.

Thanks for your interest! ::slight_smile:


Email sent


Still looking for a Talented 3D Artist And / Or Level Designer with skill and passion for Low Poly 3D Art!

If that’s you, get in touch! :slight_smile:

Still looking for a 3D Artist and / or Level Design with a passion for Poly Art.

Still looking for a 3D Artist and / or Level Design with a passion for Poly Art.