[royalty] Subterranean MMO needing artists of all sorts! :)

Hello there, I am the project lead for a game called Blackbarrow Hollow! We are currently looking for additional concept artists and 3-D artists!
Project title: Blackbarrow Hollow

  • No leveling system

  • No stats besides health

  • Everything based around unlockable skills and abilities

  • Every player has a different build

  • Multiple playable races (not human)

  • Prereqs for skills are hidden away

  • Not possible to figure out how to make the ‘ultimate build’

  • Combat:

  • PVP outside of safe-zones (such as cities)

  • Melee, bows, poisons, basic muskets

  • Mechanics:

  • No leveling system

  • Skills/abilities are unlocked through certain actions


  • Market:

  • Players can buy/sell items, choosing for others to pay with irl money

  • or in game money through an in game auction house

  • Irl money purchases give us a small cut

  • Link cards to account/use a wallet system

  • Occasionally sell unique one of a kind items, but rarely

  • No subscriptions**

  • Story:

The people who live down there were trapped down there during the early

days of America’s founding (Around 1776 to 1789). They discovered in the

depths a type of fungus that causes rapid and enhanced evolution/metamorphosis, changing them and all of the animals, plants, and crops they brought with them very quickly. The fungus is gone now, but has left its mark. This process is how the people are able to

develop a considerable array of skills and abilities.

  • Current time: 2050s

We have a dozen people currently on the project but always need more, If you are interested contact me at I welcome anyone, if you are not an artist but have other skills we may need do no hesitate to email me!