[/ROYALTY] Sprite Animator, Level Designer, Story Designer

I am looking for someone who wants to join me in making a new age Final Fantasy Tactics styled game. There are a few other nuances that will set this apart and give this product a competitive edge(willing to discuss after NDA is signed). I am the primary Engineer but I don’t have the acumen to create sprites or engaging levels. If you always wanted to recreate a game similar to FFT and put your own spin on it, come join me!

I have a working prototype and am wanting art assets before I present to investors/crowd funding.

Also, I have a vague idea for the lore but honestly this is taking so much time if you want to help with that, it would be appreciated so much.

Compensation is up to you, I can pay on delivery or give royalty or freelance w/e works for you :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I am a bit confused, is this a paid gig or are you offering Royalty?

Hey! Apologies for the confusion. I can pay per body of work completed or give royalty. It’s up to the individual. Hope that clears it up a bit!

Sent you a DM !

What is the budget you are talking about? As people here have a wide range for that, from pocket-money to unrealistic fixed prices.

Hello. I would like to work on this. I attach my CV. Please pm me the details.

Portfolio: CVTamunaTsertsvadze.pdf (118 KB)