[ROYALTY/Rev-Share] UI/HUD Artists for Lurking in the Shadows

Project Title:
Lurking in the Shadows

Lurking in the Shadows is a multiplayer horror/suspense FPS. With ideas present from the popular Source Mod, “The Hidden”, it’s a kill on sight world when you’re fighting up against an invisible enemy, The Lurker. Will you defeat it all and live on to be the best? Or will you get slaughtered like the rest?
Essentially, Lurking in the Shadows is a 9 vs. 1 game, but there will be other gamemodes.


  • First-person view on both teams
  • Asymmetrical Gameplay, each side has different abilities and pros/cons.
  • A never-ending hunt to hunt down the Lurkers, who’ll stop at nothing to kill those in their way.

Talent Required:
A UI/HUD Artist who will be in charge of making the various user interface assets for Lurking in the Shadows, found out more at the Careers Website:WGames Careers

Contact Information can be found on the WGames Careers Website.

I watched a The Hidden Youtube to get an understanding on the concept of the game. Based on your description above, Shadow Lurkers would be lots of FUN! I specialize in Blueprints subsystems and work UMG. I’m also a huge fan of Royalty/Rev-share Game projects. Any In-app monetization is planned?

PS: I like you’re jobs listings on your Wordpress Site (which is an awesome CMS). I’m curious as to what Wordpress Plugin are you using for it?

Hey There Techlord,

Thanks for being interested. We don’t plan on in-game monetization such as micro-transactions, crates, or things like that. We plan to sell the game, where once you buy it, you buy it. Could you e-mail me so we could talk more?

p.s.: Job Manager by Tom Townsend :slight_smile:

Austin Gaudet

Hi MrJamesWeston/Austin Gaudet, I truly appreciate your response. I’m seeking Small Teams working on unique 3D Game Concepts, that feature some form of in-app purchases and Royalty/Revshare. I believe Shadow Lurkers could benefit from additional monetization models. A per Unit sales model is OK, but, in my opinion most Developers underprice their products, competing with fierce competition in genre and price-point. I’m urging Independent Game Developers to raise their price-point 3 to 4 times the average. That’s the route I’m take for my own game products such as Dragon’$ Gold starting at $119.99.

I’m sorry you feel that way TechLord,

But we here at WGames only feel that you should buy a game at a certain price point when it comes with a certain amount of content, which is what we’re basing the pricing of Lurking in the Shadows off of, depending on how much content is in the game is how much it’ll be worth. Nothing more nothing less. No microtransactions, no crates, no in-game purchases, and any DLC is basically just a content update.

Thanks Anyway,

Austin Gaudet

No need for apologies and I sincerely wish your team the greatest success. The premise for Shadow Lurkers is destine for success in my opinion.