[ROYALTY] Retrowave FPS

Project title (subject to change): Wave Blasters
introduction site: Wave Blasters

The project’s title is (likely to change) Wave Blasters. Its purpose is to be a fast paced FPS based on a retrowave theme.

Feel free to check out our Discord server: where various new updates and sneak peaks about the game’s progress will be posted (specifically by the team in the #showcase channel).

Current team consists of some veteran modders whose work can be found on Steam Workshop or on GameBanana. Some examples include:

Team members:

  • Arman Ossi Loko - Project Manager, 2D / 3D Arist - 5+ years of experience
  • Rafael De Jongh - Project Manager, 2D / 3D Arist - 10+ years of experience
  • Tom Pittlik - Project Manager, Web Developer - 10+ years of experience
  • Renato “Corvalho” Gomes - 2D / 3D Arist - 7+ years of experience
  • Radovan “Reydifox” Bittner - Artist, Programmer - 5+ years of experience
  • Yogensia - 2D / 3D Arist - 5+ years of experience
  • wohSiesta - 2D Artist - 5+ years of experience
  • BBrown - Programmer - 4+ years of experience
  • AcerSchrimp - Sound Designer - 2+ years of experience
  • Alexander “4Echo” Jansson - Artist - 5+ years of experience
  • KatieFoo32 - Programmer - 2+ years of experience
  • KIPPER - Environmental Artist - 5+ years of experience

Looking for all kinds of developers in the following sectors:

  • Programmers
  • Level Designers
  • Graphical Artists
  • 3D Modellers (Hardsurface and Organic)
  • 2D Texturers
  • Environment Artists
  • Concept Artists
  • Sound Designers

Anyone interested can contact us via one of the following emails, or even the Discord server (might get a response faster):

A brief preview picture within UE4 can be found here. There’s also a quick vaporwave Marmoset Toolbag render here.