[ROYALTY][REMOTE][USA] Looking for Unreal Developer, 3D Artist, 3D Character Artist for RTS GAME

Project Title:
Looking for Unreal Developer, 3D Artist, 3D Character Artist for RTS GAME - WAR COMMAND: DAWN OF NEW AGE


It is the year 2100, a thousand years war is coming to an end. The humanoids will fight to protect the planets from unknown alien cybernetic species. Who will win?

The player begins with the main base, with a secondary commander protect the base. The player needs to start by harvesting minerals (titanium, money, hydrogen) . The player will need to build factories (level1,2,3,4), an orbital station (orbital bombardment, EMP blast, etc), research station. The alien’s side is similar but has factories (level 1,2,3,4), level3/4 factory; home-world station (reinforcement call, chemical bombardment, black hole, etc)

After building the factory, it builds units. There is a research station with weapons upgrades (lasers, phasers, pulse cannons), shields, speed, and armor upgrades.

The goal is to destroy the other team(s). The other team can be AI or another person.

This is a fun RTS project.

If the game is finish, we will crowdfund it with Kickstarter/Indiegogo. Crowdfunding is finished, all developers will get a royalty.


· Tactical map (shows a radar-like view with arrows, movement, distances)

· Realistic maps with the destructible environment (trees, bridges, and other natural obstacles)

· Weather environments (rain, storm, snowy) – (example, the tank or robot will cause tracks in the snow).

· Unique 1x1,2x2,3x3,4x4 and other multi-player, free for all; capture the flags (capture area with the flag, the most flags wins) at the set time.

· top-down perspective viewpoint

Team Structure:

Thomas Yiu ,“Mastermind”– [Project Creator]

Talent Required:

Unreal Developer (1)

· Expert in RTS game design and development

· Some experience with UE4/UE5 toolset [C++ is bonus]

· Require basic animation skills of rigging using Blender, Maya, or other 3D software tools

3D Artist (1)

· Ability to export to FBX format.

· Some experience with UE4/UE5 toolset a bonus.

· Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for RTS game.

3D Character Artist (1)

· some experience with Maya/Blender required.

· some experience with UE4/UE5 toolset a bonus.

· Expected to create, rig, and animate tanks, robots.




Should you feel you are an ideal candidate for these positions, you are welcome to apply by sending your CV and portfolio to E-mail: gmail.com or reply to this forum that you are interested.

anyone interested?

anyone who interested, please contact me?