[ROYALTY] [REMOTE] Survival Horror / Unreal Engine 5

We are a group of artists and developers working on an innovative first-person 3D survival horror genre video game.

We are looking for 3D modelers and people experienced in Unreal Engine 5 environment to complete the team.

We are based in Italy/Switzerland but work remotely on Revenue Sharing.

To apply: superpunchagency.com

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please make a decent horror with alot things sticking out of the ceiling and walls without warning with high sound effects whit cipy low lights tight map spaces something done to really scare a hell evry lever or button door or corner to become banally predictable a triple A of terror

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Yes! we have a lot of stuff coming out of walls and ceilings and preying on you in an instant. Our game adds a new dimension of terror that will make you question the everyday. :slight_smile:

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I thought a little about real terror in games I made you a list of essential things

Fear of the sticky and dirty slimy stuff that covers you swamps quicksand
Fear of insects of various sizes spiders scorpions centipede and other unfriendly lurids insects
Fear of Rats Snakes cats or chihuahua wit a big head
Fear off Blood Flooding river-like of blood a Niagara cascade of blood…There’s a hell off a reason why there’s a blood removal option in a games
Fear Body parts mutilated everywhere eyes that hang lick on Happy Tree Friends on you tube as an idea the parts of the body you put in the blood river
Fear of the surreal and absurd in a normal situation…exemple you grab a cup to drink and the cup power up it becomes ugly and bad tries to eat you is just a coffee cup but the example is clear
Fear of height which is survival instinct that everyone has
then they also serve many loneliness, sadness, tears

there is also a list of psychological terrors but these are things that go beyond what is allowed limited your self to phobias with a contract of use you can manage survive whit 0 damage in court you make the rules xD

it’s all a matter of musca lights shadows fear si sugestion si like a magic trick who hides the coin behind his hand and makes it appear in your ear SURPRAIS

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I think you should aim for the VR market i tink keyboard and mouse are sentenced to death on a pending execution in the world of video games 2 more generations of motherboard gamig will be all VR 100% a very good game today becomes a classic that lasts 20 years on the market

A horror whit thriller plot in VR will be timeless product like a silent film in black and white made 100 years ago…I accept bets in home printed monopoly money

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In VR would be too scary!
you would also need the defibrillator…

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