[ROYALTY] Recruiting a team for an ambitious project.

Project Title:
Final Guidance

The project is a highly story based action RPG. It takes place in a medieval time period on another world and takes a reverse Columbus approach at their world as the initial main characters act on their dream to experience the land beyond the forest. This action uncovers a 200 year old conspiracy that has long since altered the future of the entire planet. It is a story of love, betrayal, revenge, and ultimately triggers a series of events that will persist for the next 400 years long after they’ve passed.


  • Action RPG style gameplay
  • In-depth storyline
  • Open World

Team Name:

  • Currently not an official organization.*

Team Structure**:**
Jathan Korritz (Project Creator, Director, Writer, Game Designer, Programmer)

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
Programmer (2)

  • Expected to develop the bulk of the project’s C++ and Blueprint files,

3D Artist (2)

  • Ability to export to FBX format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to create the bulk of all in game objects. Props, building pieces, particle effects etc.

3D Character Artist (2)

  • Experience with Maya required.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.


E-mail: jkorritz@yahoo.com

I can’t make any sense of that story at all…

Probably because I only wrote the bare minimum. The template said I’m not allowed to write too much. If you’d like to know more feel free to email me and I’ll clear the details up for you. Though there is a lot I can’t go into for security reasons I can expand on the story in much greater detail.


Hi @RewelleVahx

The words “Royalty” and “Ambitious” will scare off 99% of the potential prospects:
Royalty translates into “I’m not paying you for any work contributed on this game.”
Ambitious translates into “this game will have so many features it will take a 3 to 4 years to complete, if ever.”
Royalty + Ambitious translates into “II want you to work 3 to 4 years on my game for FREE and it may never sell.”

But, when I see those two words, I see someone who Thinks Big. Someone who thinks outside the box.

Many Game Devs would warn against being ambitious on your First Game. But, not me. I say go for it. Why limit the possibilities.

For me to take interest in your proposal I need a more information on the game:

  • Is it 3D, 2.5D or 2D?
  • Is it played in first-person, Third person: Top-down, Isometric, Side-Scroller?
  • Is it Single Player, Multi-Player, Multi player Coop, Splitscreen?
  • Is the ArtStyle Photorealistic, Stylized, Voxels, a Mixture?

Assuming this is you…

I would be interested in any examples of your previous work in those areas you can to prove you can and will contribute. I dont want join a project where I’m doing all the heavily lifting. I also want to know how this game will generate marketing, initial revenue, and residual revenue.

I suppose that is one way to interpret the terms royalty and ambitious. I didn’t mean it in such a straightforward manner though.

  • The game is intended to be 3D

  • 3rd person but it will likely have the option to switch between 3rd and 1st person.

  • Single player, but I have considered the possibility of a multiplayer arena mode or something like that, though it is not a priority and possibly won’t be a function until the sequel.

  • The game will take on a more anime themed art style with a cel shader. So luckily the graphics designers won’t have to go all out.

  • As for my previous projects. While I’m not what one would call particularly successful in the indie business yet, that is what I am attempting to accomplish. I have a few years of experience with RPG Makers XP, XV, XV Ace, and MV, which I’ve recently moved away from to focus more on unreal. The story that this game embodies is complete and was written for several years with many alterations until it was considered complete, so the template is already there and just needs to be filled out (yes I realize that is an oversimplification). I have also already been using several tutorials and even udemy courses (which I study everyday) to make sure I can hold my own in terms of map building and amateur programming with the intention to improve to the point that I can someday create complex blueprints and plugins. So while I’m not successful yet, I am very serious about becoming successful. As for marketing, I was sorta planning on looking into the subject for good methods and locations for that. I was also hoping to get it on console but I don’t know how to go about that yet. I’m sure there are plenty of useful tips about that here. By the time the game is complete I should have a complete marketing plan laid out, Possibly even within the next half year.

    Regardless my goal is to start something big by building a large enough following to eventually turn a small team into a small company and build enough momentum to take it somewhere.

    Glad to hear the game is 3D to really take advantage of what UE4 has to offer. I’m also moving away from single perspective in favor of multi-perspective camera. The option to switch between 3rd and 1st person on-demand will be appreciated. This multi-perspective camera systemmay be of interest.

    If you’re going to implement Multiplayer do it upfront. With Multiplayer, you can support all : Single Player, Co-pilot, Cooperative, 1-on-1, 1-vs-8, n-vs-x, PvE, PvP etc. Multiplayer simply opens up more game mode/mechanics possibilities. Which in turns opens up greater revenue generation opportunities. I made learning multiplayer blueprints my priority in UE4 and only develop multiplayer games.

    Fun Fact: I love Anime and RPGs. In fact, my name TechLord is based on the name of a tabletop Mecha Combat RPG I created a decade+ ago. Maybe one day I’ll reincarnate it as 3D Mecha Combat RPG. I tend to add RPG elements such leveling, attributes and customization to all my game designs.

    Cel Shaded Anime is very popular. I personally would be concerned about saturation of games using the technique, but, we may find ourselves resorting to its use to bring some graphical continuity between the different Art Assets in Project Ruckus (P A R A D O X).

    You sound highly motivated and that’s very good, because you are going to need that to get started now. Plenty of Free Assets in the Unreal Marketplace to start building the game today. Keep subsystems modular and data-driven, with intention to swap out placeholders. Thats what we’re doing in Project Ruckus and thats why I joined their development.

    If the story is already complete you could translate it for a book or screenplay for a movie, distributing those products commercially. You could license the story out to other game developers to build their games from. From my perspective you already holding a product in your hand that could potentially generate you massive revenue and a following.

    I suppose for multiplayer I suppose I could make it so a second, third, or fourth player could take the reigns of the other party members on top of the arena idea. I’ll have to start studying servers and related software a bit earlier than I intended however.

    Thank you for the recommended systems and the information on project ruckus. And yeah I intend to get the entire story on a notepad file very soon. Aside from that could you clarify what you mean by licensing it out to other game developers? I ask because the only thing that comes to mind is selling the rights but that couldn’t be what you mean since you follow it up with them using it to create their own games with. Do you mean them using the project files as a template on unreal? I suppose that could be helpful.

    UE4 Networking References (I use):


    1. Introduction to Blueprints
    2. Networking in Unreal
    3. Animation Replication*
    4. Event Replication
    5. Vehicle Replication


    1. Networking on UE4 Docs
    2. The UE4 Network Compendium
    3. TechLord’s UE4 Blueprints Networking Patterns

    Yes, you would be licensing IP rights to other game developers to use in their games. RPG Game Manuals do this all the time.

    Thanks for all of your advice. I’m sure much of it will come in handy in the future. Be sure to let me know if you want to join in on the team. I’ll be building an initial alpha demo here pretty soon to act as a proof of concept for any future team members.