[ROYALTY] - Project PI, looking for Artists, Writer/Sound designer

Project PI is looking for (primarily) a dedicated sound designer to do some sound designing. Game’s open world, but small-scale, you play as a private eye in an alternate history america. Style is noir/art-deco/dieselpunk viewed from top-down/isometric angles.

The project is not a fast paced one, 2 - 10 hours per week range.

What We Need:

Artists (Any items below)

  • Concept art (for artists and level designers to follow)
  • Low-poly props, characters, modular building pieces (from references)
  • Animations (rigged characters provided)
    Sound Design (All items below)
  • Sounds (of all sorts, you merely need to produce the sounds, you don’t have to import or implement them.)
  • Music (Genre not yet decided on, room for debate.)
  • “Voice Acting” (creating placeholder VA files using some kind of robotic narrator thing.)
    Writer (All items below)
  • Hard-boiled fiction
  • Witty dialogue
  • World-building

You can find me as Stefan#0328 on discord, or if you have questions, feel free to ask them on this thread or through PM.

Art style/camera

Do you need a sound designer ?


Actually, We received quite a few applications regarding sound design, many of which I’m yet to reply. I could add your name to the list of people interested if you wish, some sort of sample or portfolio would help though.