[Royalty] Project Machiavelli Looking for team members

Project Title:
Project Machiavelli

A historical Grand Strategy Game like Crusader Kings 3, Europa Universalis 4 and Total War Rome 2.
The player takes control of a European ruler between 1066 and 1492 and has to improve his realm via diplomatic, military, economic and political decisions. Challenges arise via historic events like the Reconquista or the Mongol invasion and other AI rulers.

The plan is to create a prototype and get funded via the Epic MegaGrants and/or crowdfunding. All initial members will become founding members and get a share of the future revenue, besides their pay from the Epic MegaGrants/Crowdfunding.


  • Realistic approach of medieval politics.
  • Consequence-driven decision-making.
  • UI consists of the capital city with clickable buildings to control governmental decisions (Church, Marketplace, Castle, Palace, University, City Walls)
  • Real-time intelligence system. Information takes time to travel from the origin (Battle, rebellion, death of an ally) to the recipient.
  • Character relation system. Subjects only follow orders, when the ruler is held in high regard or is trusted enough. Otherwise subject conspire or flat our refuse the given orders.
  • Military planning. Before declaring a war, planning of supply, manpower and movement has to be planned.
  • Government managing: Player influences his realm via a budget (infrastructure, military, Intelligence, Diplomacy, Trade (tariffs)) and policies (religious freedom, centralization vs. decentralisation, Military quality vs. quantity)
  • visual feedback. The Player gets visual hints, like Plague doctors walking through the city if the black death is near. More people have a market stand if commerce is booming. Or the streets are empty when manpower is low.

Team Structure

Christian (me) (Project Creator)
Project Management (2 years), Architecture student, Social Media and Financials

Talent Required:

3D Artist

  • creation of prototype city, Characters (Portraits), Palace rooms and the map (consisting of Europe)


  • programming of gameplay mechanics.


  • Implementing classical music and sound effects

discord: chris.exe#8732