[ROYALTY] Programmers Needed for Grimmstar

Project Title:

Grimmstar is an action-oriented space opera that combines physics-based flight and battles with a deeply involved management system for research, upgrades, and most importantly, population management. As you are being chased from solar system to solar system by a massive, planet-eating ship and its forces, you must ensure mankind’s survival through exploration, combat, detailed planning and quick responses to random events within your fleet.

Team Name:
Astro Naughty Games

Team Structure:
Currently, we are a team of 7 artists and one sound person (8 total).

Talent Required:
We are looking for programmers with any of the following experience to help us on our journey!

  • AI Programming
  • Gameplay prototyping
  • Blueprint to C++ conversion
  • Tech Art
  • Procedural generation

These positions are likely to obtain shares of the company and therefore shares of revenue, which is our current pay model. We are looking to being applying for funding once we have a valid vertical slice demo available to the public. Right now, our release date for this demo is Q1 2019.

We have a playable combat demo available to download at our site!

You can always use the Contact Us page through our website, or you can email me directly at [EMAIL=“”]

Some screens and artwork

That looks awesome! But I was wondering if you are interested in someone who is pretty skilled with blueprints? Unfortunately my c++ wouldn’t be good enough, so I would just be bringing blueprints. Looking forwards to hearing from you!

Hey there! We’re definitely interested in anyone that would be willing and able to help us, blueprints or not. Can you shoot me an email so we can discuss further?