Royalty problem

Me and My friends were creating a game and we lives in nepal.Nepal allows only to receive money but does not allow to send money to other countries.There is western union but we cant send money to other countries but can receive.If our royalty gross crosses as mentioned then we need to send royalty to ue4 and we are ready to send money if our revenue crosses $3000 but how can we send royalty.We are ready to sent royalty but our countries doesnot allows us .How can we send .Please help us . We are enjoying ue4 rather than others game engines and we are about to finish a game using ue4… Does our work go into waste.
Sorry for bad english.

I think in this particular case you guys should comunicate with the engine support team directly via email. What a lot of developers with complicated country financial systems do is simply create an offshore virtual bank account to receive and send money. I will not post specific links, but there are lots of banks in the world that provide this services legally.

So in your case you could receive money on that account, pay Epic if needed and then transfer the rest of the money to your local bank accounts.

Take in account this is NOT legal advise, please check with your country laws before you do anything. Also most countries do have special regulations for exporting services and goods so they can send/receive money from/to other countries. Always check your local legislation.

what is the email of engine