[Royalty-Possible] Veteran Unreal Modder recruiting for Sports Game On UE4

Well a backgroud about me. I’m from a Big Hockey Town in USA… I grew up skating, and played 15 years of Ice Hockey, total. Even at Hockey Tournaments we played Sega Genesis, EA’s NHL 95-99, during off-ice hours as kids.

To extend upon the Forum Title, this will be UNPAID unless we Release as a published title with revenue…i am retired and don’t need the money, I love to develop 1: because i have many years’ experience in multiple areas of development, and 2: If I don’t start a Project of this nature, EA Sports isn’t likely to, at least anytime soon.

About me: I played 15 years of Ice Hockey, Traveling the East Coast and won a Bantham B Massachusetts State Tournament, with my hometown buddies :smiley:

I went to on to play Frosh (Freshman, “Frosh” is the unisex term) for Boston College High School, and had a rough career there; I was 6’ 1" but only 135 lbs. as a Frosh, but my balance made me thrive at Defenseman… I had good chest-watching discipline i learned from my father, so dekes couldn’t fake me out, and being tall meant good poke-checking; Good balance meant i could knock an opposing player down to stop them from crossing our Blue Line even if they were 5’ 10" , 160 lbs… H.S. isn’t as serious as college, and i know there are sometimes vicious body-checks in the NHL, but i chalk that up to personal problems. :Shrug:

My experience in developing for PC : No long-term Official Development, but over 15+ years Unreal mapping with custom models and skins from my own 3ds Max / Photoshop work, ofc i kept at it as a major hobby, and i got very good, you may judge me should you get to know me better;)

2001-2003 I brainstormed the concept behind “Rival Playas,” an U.S. urban-based semi-rap, and gang-culture-like themed Total Conversion Mod FPS for UT2k3 that extended to UT 2k4. I Recruited and later managed a team of 4 with messaging (all remote) to develop a Demo described as “a realistic FPS Version of GTA Multiplayer” years later by friends, before moddb deleted it as Defunct. The team dissolved due to Real-Life duties around Demo-time.

Now, through over 15 years, starting with and Gmax, and later 3ds Max and Photoshop, i have basically mastered hard-surface modelling and know a good deal about subdivison, but an expert specialist would do better with subdivision models. I can UVW Unwrap and skin, using Photoshop with my 15+ years experience making weapons, characters, and props for TC’s and maps for Tom Clancy’s games starting with Rogue Spear, Unreal Tournament, then R6 RaVenSheild, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Ghost Recon (original) and GRAW maps too.and Cod WaW other game-map remakes.

i have mapped pretty extensively in a lot of experimental solo-projects mostly in Unreal, a little of Ubisoft’s Far cry releases of their Editors, to keep up to date, and i had this feeling: “this is a great set of skills.”

I am a racing enthusiast as well, had Classic US General Motors sedans as a licensed to drive teen (won’t be specific, but my first 2 cars were same models as decommissioned Police car models, post-facto).
I still like Rally and GT to this day, and own a Logitech G25 and a G27, as well.

I have played Golf at a Prestigious (not Globally famous tho) Country Club because i used to be a caddy at 11 and 12 years of age there. I could “Happy Gilmore” 350 Yard drives at 13 :wink:

More about my Dev… while i played these Tom Clancy’s Games i still mapped for them with Provided Editors, though many experiments were unreleased, i do like to see what they did with functions and I worked in the forums helping programmers understand what was happening with complex functions; I was a 3D Modeller First, then after picking up Gmax (same UI as early 3ds max versions) and learning from 3dbuzz, i got 3ds Max 4 and Photoshop and learned from 3dbuzz (who were non-for-profit contributors at the time but also ran the “3D University,” in TN, USA.)

So with texture editing and skinning knowledge at an intermediate level in 2002, i picked up the new RaVenShield (R6 3) and looked in the editor, my first encounter with Ued ever. I did a lot of research and i love forums, Also, in the interest of a project like this, none of my friends that have PC graphics backgrounds are avail. to be hired.

So that brings me back to Hockey; EA has left behind a Legacy of NHL games, on PC, and while it is fairly niche’ and somewhat situational, not everyone wants to be limited to consoles, i am sure of this.

So while Unreal Engine 4 is new and being learned, bringing in talent from colleges, universities, and veteran modders, and Experienced or new but available developers, i feel a good experience could be had as both a Milestone and a common experience for sports enthusiasts, graphics and environment designers; and programmers/BluePrint Designers: Statistically and Historically, graphically, and code-wise, working altogether; I would love to be a part of the team that won-back an NHL endorsement for PC Gaming.

While forums are great to make a point, i would prefer to chat and/or talk live via VoIP on Discord more details and i have a basic Portfolio of work i can share.

“Wyked Games Development Den” (working title, i tend to care more about the product of work than “a book’s cover”) Discord:

I hope to discuss more details there, Thank you to Epic and the Dev Industry and Modding Communities for a great history of Gaming, and to many more years

I have a BluePrint Designer on the team and am discussing first preparations for a dissimilar game. Wyked Games is a mod group basically, we modify the engine and add new content, for now, but an LLC isn’t a bad thing.

i know that NHL Hockey isn’t #1 on everyone’s Christmas list but there would be a good amount of players, i can self-fund marketing and learned from mistakes where great games were under-sold due to the limited exposure they gained.