[ROYALTY][PAID] [UNPAID]Looking for Good Scripter

Compensation: Royalty or Paid, there is no both and no negotiation. If you choose Royalty you will get a percentage of sales,
Paid is 15/hr at 20 hrs of work per week, and that is based on funds available.
This project is funded through my pockets so I am not rich.

When successful, this will be promoted and posted on a crowd funding site to receive funds to hire and complete the project.
I am looking for full/part time employees.
Employees will have to sign a NDA to gain access to project files and game doc.
Post-launch compensation for those who choose Royalty.
I’m also Looking for people willing to help for free/experience. I am a AAA artist and willing to teach those who are interested.
This experience will beneficial to you, not me. Experience on your resume will help knock some of those doors. my environments are several years old and is student work. Since I got a job, I haven’t had time to
create something new; not true, I have a working progress that I am working.

Project Title:
Vive VR game: Nothing to Lose

This is a Zombie shooter with cool scripted events. There will be a cool arsenal of weapons and skills. Intense combat with frighten terror.

Tense atmosphere.
Unique combative multi-player if I can find a capable coder that can make that happen.
First person view point.
HTC Vive support.

Name of my company is Dark Horse Games and I am registered.

Harold Hundley (Project Creator)
Project Managment, Game Design - 3 years.

Previous Work:
Planetside 2

This is my first solo project.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)
Ability to export to FBX format UE4
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces
Basic understanding of shaders and how materials work.
Highly proficient in Maya or 3ds Max, Photoshop, Quixel Suite, xnormal, Zbrush
Substance is a bonus

Programmer (2)
2 Experience with Blueprints required
Experience with C++ required
Ability to write clean, readable, portable, reliable, and optimized code.
Know how to use version control.

Location must be in the U.S. No applicants outside the U.S!

Link to your website, if applicable.

Skype: harold.hundley Please announce yourself or I will consider you spam.

Please research on how to respond to emails and job offers. Don’t assume that I know who you are and what you want. Be professional please

FYI guys, I am not looking for any hobbyist who have no clue about art and design. If your modeling skills are on the level of a 1st quarter student in college, forget about. If you cannot code your way out of a paper bag, forget about it. Not trying to be an *******, but I am getting to many emails of people with little or no skills, wanting to be picky about the payment options.