[ROYALTY / PAID] Remote job for a project startup


the project is a remote project, meaning that you will need basic knowledge of perforce.

Open Positions:

Gameplay and mechanics developer
Low-level developer for backend work
3D Animator
3D Modeler
Level designer

Every position requires a profound experience in the subject. You can justify it by giving us a portfolio or assisting an interview.


The project is about creating a robust free community-driven multiplayer TPS + FPS.
We will be starting nearly from scratch, but we have a large community (8K discord members) that will lead the decisions until the game feels right.

Current animation blueprint state

Current controllable ragdoll technology

Software Used:

Unreal Engine (Main Game Engine), Blender / any other modelling software.

We are also going to try and start using Houdini


E-mail: [EMAIL=“contact@BurstTheGame.com”]contact@BurstTheGame.com

Please email us with a good resume.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lancelot DE BRIEY and Medad FARAJZADE
Codeo Solutions SA

I work with Zbrush, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Gimp, Flash, Banners, Voice Acting, info-graphics, rendering with V-Ray
More than a decade in the industry with the software mentioned
My portfolio of my works: