[ROYALTY] Oryms Core (STYLIZED Fantasy, FPS) (Multiple Positions)

Project: Oryms Core

The player will start in a large cave system inhabited, and colonized. Our adventurers will have to fight their way through winding cave systems, against a dark force; “Orym” an elf touched by the shadow’s emitted through ancient crystals, seeks to corrupt and take control of Draven your home planet. Along the way you will collect unique pets, with their own abilities that will become yours to command!

True First Person shooter mechanics
Modular Characters - for increased customization
Upgradable pet system
Skill tree’s, and end game advancement

Team Structure
3D Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer, Project Manager -2 months

C++ Programming, Network Security, etc… -2months

Manu Hu
3D Artist, and Textures.-2 months

3D Artist, Weapons.-1 month

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

1 (Concept Artist)

  • Expected to create 2D Concept Art for Characters,Creatures, Or Any Required tasks.

1 (3D Artist)

  • Expected to Create stylized Props/Environment Assets.
  • Create Hard Surface Assets.
  • Export with textures, and all other maps needed.

2 (Character Artist)

  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.

1 (C++/BluePrint Programmer)

  • Take on tasks to make features functional.
  • Debug Features
  • Work Closely with the Lead Programmer.

1 (Designer)

  • Must have story boarding skills
  • Able to work closely with the Project Manager
  • Experience with UE4, and associated tools.

You will get to know the current members on first name basis. The project is a serious project with fairly talented individuals
We Hold a weekly meeting, as well as ask for updates throughout the week on work process
There is a project board, and a few GDD’s Wrote out to keep the project on task!

Excited to speak with anyone interested, even if you may not meet all criteria

E-mail: [EMAIL=“[kagashi88@gmail.com]
Discord: SikSinn#8836
Discord is the best way to reach me

More work on the cave, as well as assets

Finished a structure for inventory, fps mechanics, as well as a full scale arena map. Video soon to come