[ROYALTY] or [PAID] 3D artist for a multiplayer arena topdown game.

Hi, I’m Will. I have a Computer Science degree with a gamedev focus, I’ve been working on an online/co-op topdown arena game where players basically fight each other until they’re the last survivor. Like a Battle Royale!

I’ve implemented most of the core systems for the prototype that I plan on releasing to Greenlight and then going from there (expanding, etc.). There’s already a lot of work put into the prototype.

So far, I’ve integrated Steam and players can host and join games and there’s a complete game loop. You can get the prototype and play with other players straight away on Steam as it is now. There’s fog of war, and powerups finished. That’s the base prototype, I would say it’s like 90% done, minus more diverse death mechanics and powerups.

Here’s some gifs from my twitter (which you can peruse to find more):

Game Gif #1
Game Gif #2

Note: the art shown in the gifs is to be discarded, it’s just there as an example to showcase mechanics.


  • Use UE4 to make a completely flat terrain (just a plane, so very easy) and handpaint ground textures (grass, dirt) following the arena map’s layout. (up to your discretion how this would look given placement of assets such as trees, walls, etc.)
  • To start, produce outdoors environment such as trees, foliage, rocks, etc.
  • Then I would need an indoor setting, walls (wood or stone), wooden door, flooring.
  • I would then have enough assets to complete the arena’s 1st map which is a mixture of outdoors and indoors setting.
  • The art direction would be more stylized and not realistic. (up to you, I’m open to different styles)

As you can see, I have a solid foundation, and I need an artist to see it through into Greenlight, which will open up more avenues for the game.

If this interests you, please contact me at

e-mail sent )