Royalty on linear media created in game

Hi, I need clarity regarding the royalties due to EPIC in the following hypothetical scenario:

Suppose I make a game or app using UE4 that allows users to upload in game screenshots(images which are linear media) to my website and the game is completely free for all.

But I charge my users a fee for hosting these images on my website. Then, are royalties due on revenue from my website which does not use UE4 licensed technology in any way? Thank you.

Is the only way to upload screenshots to your website through the app/game?

No. Users can also upload images manually or even through an API in the future maybe.

Thanks. One more question: would the website host only images from your game? Or would users be able to upload other types of images?

Users will upload images from sources other than my game in addition to there being images from my game. Sorry for the delayed response.

Thanks. Sounds like the hosting costs aren’t really attributable to the game itself, so we wouldn’t consider this as royalty bearing.