[ROYALTY] Need Level Designer for 2D mobile side-scroller

**Project: Coop ** (Unannounced)

This is a side-scroller combining beloved elements from classic Mario, Metroid, Megaman, etc and mashing them together with fun easter eggs, plenty of laughs, and addictive gameplay with high replay value. Ultimately, it is a stepping stone for funding larger & more ambitious projects as a team.


  • Android & iOS deployment *]In-game cosmetic shop

Team Name:
Grand Arc Designs

Team Structure**:**

  • Project Director: Alexander Kino Beeler ]Assistant Creative Director: Brian Burch ]Programmer: Illya Van Gils]Sprite Artist: Joanna]Sound Manager & OST: Ryan Richko*]Sound Effects: Justin Prymowicz

Talent Required:

  • Level Designer: Will design levels, puzzles, and perform environment programming working with the Sprite assets developed and working in coordination with the project Director & programmer.
    2 Programmers will be available for advisory & assistance in developing, storing, & transferring assets -

Grand Arc Designs


Be sure to include::
~Copy of Resume and/or a link to your online portfolio
​~Links to any completed projects to verify aptitude*