[ROYALTY] Near Future First Person Shooter: Graphics Design, Voice Actors, Composer,UI Artist

Project Title:
Infinite Chaos

Main Description:
A Multiplayer First Person shooter, set in the near future year 2034, which combines a campaign style mode with a multiplayer shooter.
Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Boston (3 Different Maps)
In a Politically war torn country, the government has fallen, 3 factions have formed from different goals including for Political, Religious, or an anarchist society. Each have large followings, with some hoping for change and others for peace.

Team Name:
Slade Studios is an American Based, the core group is made by friends pooling their hard work to create a cheap, but triple-A style game. We all have varied backgrounds, from different locations and political backgrounds got a varied background and we all bring a different set of skills to the project.

Talent Required:

These are all remote positions, **anyone **applying is required to have these skills:

  • English Communication Required
  • Ability to chat (text) on Discord.
  • Right to use and produce assets with any tool involved in the fulfilling of the required tasks.
  • Ability to work from home (or wherever they please.)

Graphics Designer

  • Ability to create interesting maps which can confine to multiple game modes.
  • Ability to work with both interiors and exteriors setups.
  • Ability to model eventually required assets is a bonus.
  • Ability to create different Game Modes (Capture The Flag, Death Match, and Team Battle Royale)

UI Artist

  • Ability to create a clean and easy to navigate UI for in-game menus, strategy and tactical HUDs.
  • Ability to draw allthe required graphical elements is a bonus.


  • Ability to create an interesting soundtrack (menu, background, combat, theme…) for a Modern, but dark setting.
  • Ability to create sound effects (Gun fire, explosions, radio, etc.)
  • Ability to provide a quick sample upon receiving a few references is a bonus but not required.

Voice Actors

  • We need a 4 male voices, who can use the tone of one who has experienced combat.
  • We’re looking for a serious/adult/young adult voice type.
  • We also need a voice actor as the Announcer
  • You can apply for as any roles if you can vary your voice enough.

How to Apply:
Send Emails To **, **and use this in your title to identify yourself:

  • [Graphic] for level designers
  • [ART] for UI artists
  • [MUSIC] for composers
  • [VOICE] for voice actors

Under Construction and should be ready within a Week or Two.


Tiago Morgado (or Tiago Morais Morgado, born 1988, Braga, Portugal), is a Portuguese viola player and electronic musician active in composition, free improvisation, and sound art.

He took a degree in Sonology on the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag, where he studied with Richard Barrett, having also taken classen with Joel Ryan, Paul Berg, Kees Tazelaar, Raviv Ganchrow, Paul Jeukendreup, Johann Van KreiJ, Peter Pabon, Frank Baldé, Justin Bennet, Lex van den Broek, among others. began working with leading improvisers in 2010 such as Peter Evans, Mark Dresser, Fred Frith, William Parker, and Jason Hwang, such as in improvisation music workshops. Tiago Also attended lectures with Trevor Wishart and Daniel Teruggi, Douglas Kahn, Arne de Force, John Richards, Larry Polanski, Diemer de Vries, Mathew Ostrowski, Francisco Lopez, Lawrence Harvey, Edwin van Heide, Barry Truax, Wouter Snoei, Cahty Van Eck, Sergio Luque, among others. During his times in Den Haag, he played on a regular basis with people like James Hewitt, Renato Ferreira, Leo Svirsky, and Chris Iemulo; during his music path he also played occasionally in sessions and gigs with people such as Anne La Berge, Katt Hernandez, Jan Nijdam, Sanne Van Hek, Onno GOvaert, Jasper Stadhouders, V4W.Enko, Ekkehard Windricht, Marie Guilleray, Richard Barrett, António Augusto Aguiar, Jorge Queijo, José Miguel Pinto, Pedro Tudela, Susana Santos Silva, Gonçalo Almeida, Paulo Chagas, Luis Vicente, Marcelo Dos Reis, Miguel Mira, Gustavo Costa, Henrique Fernandes, Joao Martins

Tiago has performed in countries such as Portugal, United States, United Kingdom, Holland, and Serbia. Besides this he writes poetry, and also runs the label Nachtstuck Records, starting activities in early 2014, and aiming for small philanthropic contributions through the release of New Music. The label has released music of people such as Karlheinz Essl,

During my activity as a music critic, theoretical writer and observer of all things concerning creative music, few times I have met such a young musician so commited to discover new things and learn new techniques and vocabularies, developing his music further and further with a rare focus and perseverance. Tiago Morgado was a real surprise when I first heard

him play, some years ago, connecting his viola to a laptop computer and some effect pedals, and he continues to be.

Considering the almost solitary conditions of his work, and living in a city far away from the main experimental / improvised / contemporary music circuits in Portugal, mostly concentrated in Lisbon and Oporto, it was kind of a miracle to have someone doing what he did the way he did it. Only a very special person was able of such enterprise, moved by a never ending curiosity and a purpose in life. Since then I’m always keeping me informed of what he’s doing and how are his studies abroad, knowing that he will be, in a near future,

a very important musician not only in my country, but also in Europe and the world.

That’s why I don’t have any hesitations in saying that Tiago Morgado deserves any support coming from cultural institutions. I’m sure the reward will be fullfiling, in terms of

compositions, recordings, performances and projects under his name.

Rui Eduardo Paes

(writer, journalist, chief-editor of the online magazine

one game I contributed to: - -

more on the portfolio: (yes, that’s me)

on tinkering:

current github page: (had another one but deleted it)