[ROYALTY] Mythrealm - Fantasy RPG - Seeks Additional Talent (Multiple Positions)

Mythrealm is a single player Fantasy Action RPG currently in development with Unreal Engine 4.

You can find out all about the Mythrealm on the game’s website: https://www.mythrealm-game.com
Check out the Mythrealm Steam Page: Mythrealm on Steam
Please feel free to join the Mythrealm Discord:

We are looking for additional talented artists and passionate Unreal Engine Programmers to join our small Indie Team and assist us in bringing Mythrealm to release on Steam. We already have Programmers and Artists on the team, but are looking for additional talent to help create more content for the game.

The current open positions are as follows:

- Gameplay Programmer

  • Ideally 1+ years experience working with Unreal Engine.
  • Excellent working skills with Unreal Engine Blueprints and good understanding of C++.
  • Able to create Gameplay Systems such as Interactive Actors ( For example Moving Platforms, Traps, etc ).
  • A good working understanding of Gameplay Systems ( For example Combat Systems, Inventory System, Character Progression System. Enemy A.I. )
  • Working experience with Source Control.
  • Able to Commit 10+ Hours per week to the working on the game.
  • Friendly, pro-active and determined approach to Game Dev.

- 3D Environment Artist

  • Ideally 6+ months experience working with Unreal Engine. 3D Artists with less experience in Unreal may still be considered.
  • Good 3D Modelling skills in Blender, Maya, 3DSMax etc.
  • Basic Understanding of Unreal Engine Materials and Material Instancing.
  • Passion for Fantasy Art and Design.
  • Passion for Low Poly / Stylised Games and Art Design.

- 3D Character Artist

  • 6 months + experience making 3D Characters for Games.
  • Good 3D Modelling skills in Blender, Maya, 3DSMax etc.
  • Portfolio of good quality Character Art.
  • Experience with Character Rigging.
  • Passion for Fantasy Art and Design.
  • Passion for Low Poly / Stylised Games and Art Design.

The objective is to bring Mythrealm to Steam and make it a financially successful video game. When that happens all team mates will be paid fairly based on the quantity and quality of work they produce for the game. To work on the game you will be required to sign a Contract and NDA.

These are ROYALTY / REVENUE SHARE positions.

If you are a good fit for any of the above positions and would like to join us at Delta Video Games, working on an original and exciting Fantasy RPG game, then we’d love to hear from you!

To apply for any of the above positions please send an email to:
Please state in your email the specific position you are applying for and please also provide examples of your previous work.

Alternatively, you are welcome to message the Lead Developer on Discord. Username: When messaging on Discord please also state the specific position you are applying for and provide examples of your work.

Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Mythrealm is currently hiring! :slight_smile:

Still seeking additional Artists and Level Designers for Mythrealm. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Mythrealm is currently seeking additional Programmers and Artists. If that’s you and youd like to work with us. Get in touch. Thanks! :slight_smile:

we all belive this

We’re still seeking talented 3D Artists and skilled Programmers to assist us in developing Mythrealm. Please feel free to get in touch. :slight_smile:

I would like to apply for the position of Level Designer for Project Nemo. I am currently working as QA Tester in a AAA Studio. Have no formal experience with Level Designing but i do have a good understanding with UE4 and workflow. Let me know if the position is still available