[ROYALTY] Mech Warrior style "MMO" / open-world / PvP arena

[ROYALTY] <Sci-fi mecha MMO>

Project Title: Untilted mecha MMO

Team skill level: intermediate to advanced

<Please contact me for details, the game is very in depth. You can either play as a human or pilot mechs / ships. You can start a corporation, PvP in arenas, open world PvP, and do missions. You can write your own missions, trade stocks, auction things. It has a lot of typical MMO features to be made.>


Numerous ideas fleshed out by our design team, more ideas always being generated. We are looking for programmers to help with real goals. It’s just fun design writing right now.
Detailed environments, “A” art style.
PvP mech combat with lock on missiles

Team Name:
Unnamed Team right now.

Team Structure:
Project leader - Bozworth
Designer / artist / coder - Spiffy
Lead programmer - possibly Pem (unconfirmed but he’s on our team)

Previous Work:
Our current game is in production. This game will be our second game to enter pre-production as a team. It sounds risky to have two games at once but our current game is very small and manageable. It will be done in less than 1-2 months idealy, and is only held up by our programmer having a busy day job schedule.

Talent Required:
We are interested in recruits with all skills especially animators. We are really looking for 1-2 more C++ / Blueprint programmers with deep knowledge of C++ / OOP / computer science / GPUs. We have a networking programmer but another one couldn’t hurt for an MMO.

Lots of experience coding. Portfolio website is preferred or some demonstration of advanced coding knowledge and experience / skills.
Animators should have portfolio. Artist submissions should all have portfolios.
Royalty offering is based on amount of work contributed, we are very organized. Our team mate has launched successful crowd funding before.
Basic tasks - set up control schemes, test imported animations, utilize new levels coming in.
Set up combat controls, test combat.
Set up basic PvP menu UMG, join Arena based combat.
Set up humanoid controls. Run around, interact, crouch, dodge / roll, third person / first person shooter controls. (PUBG style switch)

No website related to this project at this time. We will set one up once there is screenshots to share etc. Our team has combined quite a bit of web design experience.

Will invite to Discord server once you’re interested in joining. I am not sure if everyone wants to share their work other than Bozworth the web designer / game designer. My own personal work is a massive amount of images and I don’t have a portfolio website right now. My work is mostly concept art. Our lead programmer has a blog.

If you read this far, kudos. I hope it doesn’t sound too vain / rude. We are just a regular group of game devs looking to expand our team! I’m mostly not sharing my work because it’s not incredible, there is nothing in there that is a top seller or anything you’ve ever heard of. This group might be of interest to students with solid experience level but lacking the same thing: a big seller, some incredible portfolio item like working at Dreamworks, etc.