[ROYALTY]Low Poly FPS - Arena FPS x Common FPS

This is a ROYALTY only UE4 Project.

We will first be prototyping quite a few gameplay mechanics to work out what is the most fun; in mixing the world of ‘call of dutys’ with the world of ‘unreal tournaments and quake 3’s’. In fact, we will even be experimenting with slow motion mechanics such as seen in F.E.A.R and the old half-life mod The Specialists.

We already have detailed plans of how the Battle Royale game mode would look, what we want to first master though as said is the gameplay before we move on to anything else. Once we nail that, then we will move on and branch in to all other aspects of the game.

We do plan to create a duel game-mode along with CTF and other common-known modes in the FPS genre.

Team Structure:

MikaelMagick (Project Lead / 3D Artist / Level Designer / UI/UX Designer)
Sudrom (3D Artist / Texture Artist)

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:

UE4 Blueprint Coder (1)
Must have capacity to work with multiplayer FPS games. Also, you must have a great capacity to dabble in a bit of everything in UE4 as you’ll be helping implement animations, VFX, etc.

DM me on Discord: MikaelMagick

Hi @MikaelMagick111,

I personally appreciate Royalty projects, but, they do not get much attention from fellow developers. As a self-proclaimed Multiplayer Blueprints Engineer / everythingelse Kitbasher and potentially interested party, I highly recommend posting your online portfolios/examples of work to show off what you can contribute to the project.

Curious as to why not use UE5?