[ROYALTY] Looking to team up with another programmer on an existing farming RPG

Sometime in 2018 I started this “little” game project to get into UE4 and I’ve kept working on it for 3 years and went public in late 2021. Unfortunately, shortly after I had to step down and took a break from gamedev related work in general. But it’s such a passion, one can’t simply stop working on games so I’ve resumed work on the project, which I have now migrated to UE5.
However, after working as a solo developer for 3+ years I’ve decided to try and find another person to team up with. I still believe I’ll be able to create something playable as a solo developer but teaming up with someone else may be more productive and probably even more fun. I like to believe I’m a somewhat capable generalist developer and 99% of the game was made without using any marketplace assets or plugins. I’ve been working as a full time web developer for 10+ years now but admittedly, game programming is a different beast and I am not a top tier game programmer. Hence this thread.

Project Title:
Tierva - My Years on a farm

Project Description:
(from the website)

Inspired by classic RPG farming games of the bygone 16-bit era, Tierva is a modernized interpretation built in the Unreal Engine 4/5 with a colorful stylized 3D world.

You’ve just moved into your very own farm. Take care of your new land, raise animals, expand your farm and explore the surrounding world. Meet the people of a welcoming nearby village and aid the townsfolk so they can prosper and grow as well. For some more information, read the first devlog entry.

  • Tierva is a classic RPG farming game inspired by games of the 16 bit era.
  • The game is built on Unreal Engine 4/5 and features a very stylized intentionally pixelized, colorful 3D world.
  • You’ll be able to plant and harvest crops on your own farm and eventually turn your small starting farm into a home for a family.
  • Breed and take care of various animals.
  • Interact with the townsfolk and form relationships and probably even marry someone.
  • As you interact with the townsfolk and progress through the game, the town will change depending on the players’ actions.
  • Explore the surrounding lands and discover secrets about Tierva as you progress through the game.
  • There is a dynamic day and night system as well as 4 regular seasons
  • A combat/dungeon system is still up for debate

At this stage, the game is sort of like a vertical slice of a game. I did develop quite a few of the base mechanics and systems but naturally, there is still a lot more work to do and things to implement. Over the last few months I focused on finalizing the visual style of the game instead of further working on mechanics

antiReady - solo deveoper

Previous Work:
Earth’s Special Forces (GoldSrc)
Naruto: Naiteki Kensei R1 (GoldSrc)

Talent Required:
Generalist / Programmer (BP and/or C++)
Preferably with more than one skillset but I mainly need support with programming.


Contact: (english or german)
Send me a private message on this forum or
Discord antiReady#5957
E-mail info@tierva.com

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