[ROYALTY] Looking for team, I'm quite picky though...

Hi there

I’ve spent quite some time searching for / organizing teams in the past and never quite found anything I liked, or anyone who’d work on my ideas, so I’d rather have people look for me now…

Here is what I can put on the table:

  • Blueprinting in Unreal
  • Level Design in Unreal
  • Modelling and Texturing (maybe animating) *Simple Assets *(Inanimate objects) and importing them.
  • Simple 2D Art
  • Classical Music
  • Sounds Maybe
  • Writing/Game Design

Here is what I’d really like to work on (would also be willing to work on different projects, but )

  • Any type of Grand Strategy game with depth (example: paradox games, civilization).
  • Any type of Sandbox/physics game with unique idea.
  • Anything with Cyberpunk/Steampunk/Dieselpunk or other Retro-Futuristic, Dystopian or Sci-fi theme.
  • Artistic Graphics (I’m not good at realism).
  • Mystery/Occult elements

Here is what I’d really NOT like to work on (either because there are already way too many indie teams working on these or because they are beyond my abilities).

  • MMORPGs (We’ll never finish these).
  • Walking Simulators or generic horror games.
  • Medieval or Low Fantasy theme
  • Modern theme
  • First Person/Third Person Shooters

I’m willing to work for free, provided the project is non-profit. If it is for profit, I’m okay with royalty schemes. I’m available at around 5 hours per day, drop me a PM if you have something for me.