[ROYALTY] looking for programmer to help complete game

I have been working on a game called Eion for a couple of years now and have it fully fleshed out as well as with almost all the assets. I am personally an animator with experience in modeling, texturing, and basic programming.

I have uploaded a video HERE displaying what is currently completed and what I have in addition to a basic idea of what I am aiming for. I’ll recap by saying I have a majority of all the models, meshes, monsters, icons, and a fleshed-out game. The game is going to be a survival game with adventure and building being a major part. I have the voxel plugin pro to be used for the world generation as well as mining/building (example given in the video) and the Easy survival RPG as the base template for the project. there will be a variety of monsters to fight and to keep it fun, these monsters will spawn with a few traits from a set list of traits that will make it so each encounter isn’t the same (increased speed, increased damage, resistance to a type of attack, etc) as well as a portal to take the player to a different world which will vary in terrain generation (a normal world similar to earth, a world entirely underground, and a world overrun by forests) using the voxel plugin to give a larger variety of adventuring.

there will also be modular weapons (a plugin) that will be used to create modular guns. Each gun will have 3-4 parts with each part affect the weapon itself (reduced recoil, increased magazine size or damage, increased durability, etc).

Everything is already uploaded on a GitHub private repository with The template fully functioning with multiplayer as well as with the implementation of the voxel plugin pro within the project. It is documented and contains working multiplayer as well as world-saving so that is already taken care of. Once there is something playable, namely a few monsters, a single world you can play in (very basic mining and the building is sufficed), implementation of the crafting, and having these things working on a server, I plan on starting a Kickstarter to raise money to complete the game.

If you are interested in hearing more or would like to ask a question, my discord is Scorpneo#6070 or you can just send me a message here.

Thanks in advance and have a good day.