[ROYALTY] Looking For Employees

Project Title
Nexian Studios looking for Employees

Hello my name is Alcadior but i go by Al i am a student learning code (i have almost mastered html css and java script) i don’t have that many resources or people to help me with the proper skills. I cant find a job due to my health problems so i turned to coding, i have at least 3 years of experience i learned at first from my friends online but when i got serious they turned away. i dont have the money to fund the company so you will have to take my word and wait until we get our first game out

Skills I’m Looking For.

  • Coding
  • Level Design
  • Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Website Designer
  • And etc. (if you think you would be a good asset )

I skipped out on a lot but please submit a resume at