[ROYALTY] Looking For An Diverse Range Of Talent

Project Name



A story driven first person shooter with a focus on narrative and exploration set in a sci-fi universe with multi-planetary locations.

Project Length

3 Months Ideally for a prototype/vertical slice

Roles Required

UE4 Programmers, 3D Environment Artists


Paid for work done in the vertical slice upon being funded

The Project

Narrative Driven


Sci-Fi FPS

Deep Progression System

Exploring Is A Core Piece

Story: Having awoken on a compromised colony ship, the player must escape and then fight their way to Fereydoun to save it from an incoming alien invasion.

Project Stage

Demo creation in order to get funding

Targeted Demo Release Date

September 2018


The most important thing is to be passionate about what you do. We are looking to build a team who are willing to invest their time and energy in to the project so that it can be driven towards meeting the demo deadline.

Contact Information

Please feel free to email me: