(Royalty) Level Designer Needed for 3D isometric stealth game - working prototype

Hi All!

My name is Rob and I manage a young indie team called Sky Machine. We are currently developing an isometric 3D stealth game named Ghost and will be first released on PC then eventually ported to consoles. Ghost is set in a bleak, alternative Victorian era universe, with a mature story centered around the murder of your family and the uprising of a religious, militant cult.

The project contains a programmer, concept/texture artist, storyboard artist/2d animator, composer/sound engineer, 3D modeller and 3D animator. We have a working prototype and hope to have a public demo ready for release by the end of the year.
To complete the team, an experienced UDK level designer/visualizer is required.

Your role will be to work closely with myself in realizing the level/prop layout, lighting, and overall aesthetics. The levels should be open ended, created in a way where the player is able to tackle their objects multiple different ways (picture Splinter Cell Chaos Theory & Dishonoured) and offer up exploration and secrets. Some of the environments include a shipyard, warehouse, town, cathedral, cemetery, dungeons, observatory etc.

Along with level design, we are seeking someone who can really be part of the team and match the high quality we currently have with the existing members (no joke, we have some awesome talent!). The current team is hard working, full of passion and have the creative freedom to contribute to other aspects of the game (whether it be mission objectives, system mechanics, story etc). This is not a hobby project, only serious candidates should apply. Example of your work is highly preferable.

For funding, we aim to acquire a publisher, or if that is not possible, we may go crowd sourcing (kickstarter). We hope to use the demo to secure funding.

Currently everyone is volunteering and payment will come in two forms - One being from the publisher/crowd source and other being a percentage of the game once released.

If you are interested, please contact me here: skymachinestudios@outlook.com

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