[ROYALTY] Legend of Illusions is looking for a character artist and a coder.

Project Title:

Legend Of Illusions


Legend of Illusions is a massively multiplayer universe containing many different types of games. Players can take the characters they have created into any of the game types. The game will be cross-platform for VR, PC, and Android. With common areas and games for every platform as well as areas built with specific platforms in mind. The massively multiplayer version of the game will be released as a free to play game on every platform with a microtransaction system.
We will also be selling game zones as stand-alone single-player experiences as they are completed to help fund the development costs, as well as raise hype for the multiplayer universe.

Target Release Date:
January 2021

Team Name:

SSZ Canada Inc is a registered private corporation in the province of Ontario, Canada. Currently, the team consists of a father and his younger children.
We are currently members of the Oculus Start program

Team Structure**:**
Mathew McCluskey (Founder and C.E.O of SSZ Canada Inc)
Project Management - 10 years, Programming & Game Design - 2 years.

Georgia (Age 11)
Board of Directors, Playtester - 1 year.

Elizabeth (Age 9)
Board of Directors, Playtester - 1 year.

Abigail (Age 7)
Board of Directors, Playtester - 1 year.

Liam (Age 5)
Board of Directors

Charlotte (5 Months)
Board of Directors

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Progress on Title:
A bunch of the backend systems are finished.
Released a single-player demo version of the very first zone for VR platform
Reached 14,000 followers on YouTube
Accepted to Oculus Start program
Released a demo containing more of the first zone and beginning of the second game zone for the VR platform.

Talent Required:

3D Character Artist (1)

  • Experience with UE4 toolset required.
  • Expected to create, rig and animate player, NPCs & monsters.


Revenue Share from this tittle starting as soon as there is revenue. Paid monthly, quarterly or yearly based on your preferences.

We also offer performance-based stock options in the parent corporation.



E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: SSZCanada#1491

Hi @MatHatterr,

I just stopped by to say I admire the premise and name of your family’s MMO. I also appreciate what you’re doing building a business with your children involved. My Children were not interested in computers, however, I’m having better luck with the 3rd generation.

Coincidentally, I’m developing a MMO, GOD of DREAMS with similar premise. I opted out the Traditional VR for Combat due to anticipated issues with Player movement with a large number of concurrent players. I can see an advantage with VR in FirstPerson Close Melee Combat and Point n Click could work OK for traditional Auto combat, but not very well for First Person Shooter Action.

It looks like you’re rolling out a Single Player Experience firstly to generate funding. Retro-fitting Multiplayer will be lots of fun (sarcasm). I elected to implement Multiplayer firstly, because you automatically can get Single experience with it and its implementation dictates the programming construct options. I’m developing Assets for commercial distro in online marketplace to generate funding. But my primary goal is to eliminate the need for funding and developers all together.

I sincerely wish you and your family great success!

PS:I subscribed to your Youtube.

Thank you so much. It has been very hard to get them involved. They mostly like to playtest and offer ideas. When it comes to the execution of their ideas they are a bit more reluctant. They are coming around more and more as we get further and they can see the progress though. I remain hopeful that at least one of them will continue in a career in computers in some form.

Your project looks very promising. I like the idea. Please let me know when you have more. I would like to give it a try.

We’ve chosen to take the approach of making zones specific to each platform as well as common areas. We completely understand that zones & game experiences just will not translate to other platforms. To help the community interact with each other we are creating zones that will translate well across all platforms. One of these areas is the pet battle arena. You collect and train pets then fight them against each other. The voice control systems work well across all platforms we support, and the core gameplay can be enjoyed on all platforms.
I will admit though that playing the battle arena in VR and throwing out your pet as opposed to clicking it from your third or first-person view is much more satisfying.

We are using a very robust back end system provided by UETOPIA. The game is being developed using this system. At the same time, we are also creating separate blueprint only versions of each game zone to release as a single-player experience. Once we have the core logic all worked out it is very quick to transfer it out of the backend system to a single-player stand-alone experience.

Best of luck with your project as well. Please feel free to keep me updated on your project :slight_smile: