[ROYALTY] I'm looking for a 3D artist to join a VR project -- PizzaboyVR

Hi my name is Simon,

I’m looking for an artist to collaborate on a VR game project I would like to carry out during this summer.

I’m currently moving to my final year of university in which I will hopefully graduate in a Computing with Games Development BSc Hons. I have been studying programming in video games for two years using Unreal Engine and Unity and already collaborated in real-life projects.

The last thing I want to be this summer is being bored, and that is why I thought to work on a full VR game.
I have already started to work on the core systems of the game and experimented with some ideas I had.
However, the problem is that I know little to nothing about modelling and animations which it means that I cannot create proper art for the game.

I have built a small demo that uses free assets from Unity’s asset store; you can download it and play it as well as watch some gameplay video from this link
I’m looking for a passionate artist that would like to collaborate on the project. It will be straight forward since we’ll work in a two-men team.
I’m aiming for a full actual game that would be released in October on both SteamVR and Oculus Rift Store.

If you want to know more about the game design details you can read through this document ( which explains what the game is about and provides some information and ideas about the game.

What’s in for you? Well, you’ll obviously gain some experience working on a real-life project, which I believe it’s not a bad thing at all. Moreover, the project is royalty based meaning that if the project is successful and gets released in October, you get the 50% of everything earned on Steam and Oculus Store.

If you are interested in collaborating on the project and want to know more let me know. We can speak on Skype.

what kind of artist. landscape. texture. materials. meshes?
EDIT: thought of another question. if you are going to be working together with someone. how would you manage the project?

Hi Gameking002,

The art required in the project will include meshes, materials and textures. The art would be low poly art, to give you an idea the style I had in mind would resemble Special Delivery VR.

In regards to how to manage the project. I don’t know what you specifically mean when you are saying managing the project.
How would you manage the tasks? Who decides what to do next? Who decides what should be prioritised? How am I going to organise the assets and the resources? Who takes care of publishing on Steam and Oculus Rift Store?

Naturally, as I’m the person starting the project, I will direct the main decisions about the project. The latter means that the I will decide on what will come next and what is the to-do list.
However, since I’m looking forward to collaborating with another person that doesn’t mean that the ideas and personal opinions of the artist will not count anything towards any project’s related decisions.

I will also take care of the steam and oculus rift publication part. As per the rest, it all depends on the person that would collaborate on the project and how much he/she wants to get involved as well as his/her availability and many other factors.

PS: a little advice for future reference, whenever you get in touch with somebody it would be nice at least to introduce yourself. I’m saying this because from this side it almost felt like an interrogation rather than a conversation. :smiley:

im sorry, it wasnt meant to feel as an interrogation. Well my name is Hidde and what i meant with the managing of the project. i mean how are you going to work simultaneosly on the same project. source control or dropbox even (which will probably be more time consuming)? as far as the project itself. what kind of meshes are they? simple meshes like buildings and such or more advanced ones like rocks? because i can probably manage the simple ones. and maybe even the low poly rocks and trees. and seen as it will be in the city there will not be much rocks around and maybe some trees. and for the textures. i can draw reasonably. so for low-poly textures i wont think it’ll be that difficult. and one more quite important one. does it matter if i dont have a VR headset??? i really hope it doesnt as meshes will be the same. i have one more question but i will PM you about that one…