+ [ROYALTY] Hiring 3d Artist to create Modular French Houses + Bunkers

Hello everyone. We’re looking for a 3D artist who is willing to accept an upfront payment + royalty offer. Our budget is limited but we can afford to pay a low hourly rate and afford profit percentages for anyone who is willing to working something out with us. If such an arrangement isn’t acceptable for you please hold off on reaching out to us.

First we need someone who can make modular french houses. You would develop modular pieces inside your 3d software suite and then quickly combine the pieces together to make the different houses. Then unwrap and use something like substance designer to create tileables to make each of these houses look only so slightly different. The houses would need to be open on the inside but no work needs to be done there.

Second you would be creating and texturing a host of World War 2 bunkers. Generally if you’re looking for a little bit of spending cash and are open to help out an up and coming project you should send us a message and we’ll see if we can negotiate a deal. You would be given an hourly rate + a royalty offer. The idea is that the hourly rate would be low enough to work for our budget while you can help out on an up and coming project. If this works for you send me a PM and we’ll see what we can work out.

You must be familiar with Substance Designer, Substance Painter, or Quixel Suite and be able to create LoDs. We’re not interested if you don’t work with either software. Thanks for reading.