[ROYALTY] Gameplay Programmer Needed

Project Title: Grimmstar

Grimmstar is an action-packed space fighter and fleet management hybrid where the player is tasked with saving the last remnants of humanity while on the run from an overwhelming threat. Players will traverse through hand crafted, open sandbox solar systems as their migrant fleet collects and saves the last pockets of mankind with the hopes of eventually being able to down the planet-eating ship, the Grimmstar.


  • 6DOF, physics-based flight mechanics
  • Open sandbox solar systems to explore
  • Modular fighter ships to customize to your play style
  • Fleet management mechanics to research, craft, and upgrade
  • Fleet mechanics to utilize reinforcements or collect resources
  • Support for RTX technologies

Team Name:
AstroNaughty Games

Team Structure:
We are currently a staff of 8, ranging from artists to sound designers, to gameplay prototype programmers. We have experienced staff from studios such as Hardsuit Labs, Hairbrained Schemes, Valve, and more.

Talent Required:
AstroNaughty Games is looking for a talented Gameplay Programmer to join our team and help develop and rollout Grimmstar’s vertical slice demo.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing tutorial events, based on player input actions
  • Simultaneous level state tracking and game state storage/loading techniques
  • Develop multiple smaller gameplay loops that nest inside an overarching loop
  • Utilize existing mechanics and systems for real-time use
  • Work closely with game designers to clarify requirements

In short, we have the majority of the core mechanics ready and are now entering the phase of lining out our vertical slice demo and progression through said demo. The overarching gameplay loop will consist of the player choosing from multiple pathways that are simultaneously updated in real-time.

This will be a remote position.


  • Knowledge of C++ and Blueprint systems required
  • Have a good understanding of mathematics and gameplay mechanics
  • Knowledge of interacting with HUD elements for gameplay events
  • Experience with World Composition and level streaming practices
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills

This position will be compensated by company revenue shares to start. We are currently discussing options with multiple AAA publishers and have working partnerships with Epic, Nvidia, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to become part of something ready to punch its way in to the meanstream scene.

To apply, please send a resume and/or portfolio link to the email address below and we’ll be quick to get back on touch with you.


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]