[Royalty] Future Ops - SP/MP Fps - Looking for 3D artists.

Future ops is a game that will be made using Unreal Engine 5.1.

It’s basic premise is, you are a operative within a form of authority in the future, and as such each level will be a mission where you go to a certain point in time, and stop a crisis/crime from occuring.

I myself will be programming the game and coming up with ideas, and where I need help is with the characters and level models.

I will be using C++ and blueprints, for the actual game, and you can use any tool for your models as long as it can be imported into Unreal Engine.

I can show samples of my other projects if you are interested, either pm me or send me an email to mailto:reverselogicdeveloper@gmail.com​

This is an hobby project, but I would love to see it to completion and one day on store fronts such as Steam/Gog, where royalties would be split evenly with the whole team at that point.

Here are my two youtube channels, showing off several previous projects of mine.

Youtube Channel 1

Youtube channel 2

  • To clarify, I would be programming and help designing the game, and I am looking for 3D artists to cover the 3d modelling side of things.

Here are some screens of my previous work. I made most of the models in the images too, but this project I would mostly just be a coder.