[ROYALTY] Full Metal Hunters - Looking for experienced 3D artists

Project Title:
Full Metal Hunters

Full Metal Hunters is a MOBA/Vehicular Combat hybrid game, with 5v5 (more maybe?) LAN/Steam multiplayer. Right now the project prototype is being build with a Q4 2017 deadline. Alpha build will come in Q2 2018, beta in Q4 2018 and final in Q2 2020.
I’m hoping we can get funding once the prototype is complete by way of crowdfunding.
Unfortunately, I can’t do art to save my life, so the project would greatly benefit from an artist’s gentle touch. :slight_smile:

Fast-paced multiplayer destruction
CARS! :smiley:
MOBA core gameplay with a large map
Visual customization

Team Name:
1913 Studios

Team Structure:
Alex Gorcea (Creator/Programmer)
4 years of game development experience

Previous Work:
Vector Fury - iOS game.

Talent Required:
3D Artist / 3D Environmental Artist
AAA quality required
UV mapping ability
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Quixel/Substance experience also a really big bonus


Social Media:

Skype: alex.gorcea