Royalty free policy question as an non-game developer!!!

Hi, I’d like to use Unreal Engine 3D data visualization of my Web application using WASM(webassembly) technology.

I am not a game developer ; I have no plan to create a decent commercial Game product app.

My web app may charge some fee from user. but the 3D feature is not my web application’s main feature…it can be easily replaced to any other web framework for example.
So, I may want to test this engine for better performance.

My question is that even though I don’t create a Game application but use this engine for my web app’s data visualization perforce as a minor feature(which mean this 3d visual is not main profit source of my web app), Should I pay 5% royalty fee ? How can I calculate the profit because of this engine.?? it is pretty much impossible because this will be not a game app.

So, Please let me know if someone already knows this.

It is clearly written in the EULA, if you get more than $3,000 per quarter you must pay the 5% fee to Epic Games :

Unreal Studio has a royalty free license I believe.

Well it’s actually non-interactable so the 4th bullet point might just make this software exempt from fees. Best to ask Epic about it directly.

I think Unreal Studio is capable of game development, as it’s just Unreal Engine with a bit different defaults, so I don’t think using Unreal Studio automatically exempts you from royalty fees. I believe the same conditions apply to it, as to Unreal Engine in the EULA.

You would still have to follow the royalty terms in this kind of project–people are paying to to use an app that uses UE4, even if it’s not the main part of the app it’s still something people are paying to access.

I don’t think this is the case - since no part of the Unreal content is distributed to the end user, it would seem the royalty doesn’t apply. Still best to ask Epic though.

No, he says he’s using UE4 as part of it to display 3D stuff which would require royalties.
If he only uses UE4 to render some images and then uses those images in his app then he wouldn’t owe royalties. But that’s not what he said he’s doing.