Royalty-Free Music Corner - High-Quality Music for your Games

If you are looking for music for your games, you have came to the right place

To this topic, there will be posted free music made by myself. I create music in daily basis, and I have a YouTube channel where I upload free music every week. Music in any genre imaginable and all the tracks are 100% original and is handcrafted to be used right away.

I am looking to make a simple way for creators to have quality royalty free soundtrack on their hands.


NOTE that there are some paid tracks among the free ones and you have an option to purchase free ones to show some support if you wish, but it is 100% optional.

How to Download Royalty Free Songs?

1. Go to my Website and check there out your favourite tune
**2. **Press either to download the song for a free mp3 or pay to get any other file format
**3. **There is a “credits” box, copy that to your game or media and you can now use the song for free.
**4. **Tadaa! You are ready to use the Royalty Free Music File! It is that simple!

Newest Video

Check out all the music collections and download content which you would like to use, some of them are constantly updated​

More information about me:

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Look at descriptions of each song and put my name at credits accordingly. FREE Creative Commons license only applies for works properly credited!